Looking for a great idea for a Bachelor Party?

The Bachelor Party — an event that brings a smile to every man’s face and puts the bride’s wedding day anxieties into overdrive.  Rightfully so, on both counts.  The traditional bachelor parties are based on spending the evening and early morning hours in dimly-light bars with music blaring through cheap speakers and, well, the ladies.  Many a bride has walked down the aisle surrounded by friends and loved ones rose petals leading the way, with her gown flowing gracefully behind her and a few lingering thoughts about her groom’s night on the town.  Put her mind at ease by throwing a party that even she would encourage.

A man’s final days as a bachelor are cause for celebration, of both manhood and marriage.  The challenge is to make your party the one to remember without adding to the bride’s concerns.  The best way to meet the challenge is to bring your bachelor party to the battlefield where paintballs blast out of high-powered guns and close quarters combat rules the day.  Our epic paintball or laser tag bachelor parties bring out every man’s inner warrior to unite with his brothers through bravery and courage, and to look forward to the day when the groom begins a life with his new bride.

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Paintball is one of the most unique and exciting things you can do right before your big day.  Spend the day taking aim at the enemy, and then relax at a local pub while telling tales of your triumphs and defeats.  As the night ends, raise your glass to the groom and toast one of the most memorable days of your life.