What to Bring to the Paintball and Airsoft Field in Phoenix

For those that are searching on how to get the upper hand on their fellow co-workers, family members, friends, or unsuspecting others, we have have put together a few things for you that will make everyone want you to be on their team! safety

  • Come Prepared — Paintball is a fun activity but you will enjoy your experience much better if you come prepared. This means bringing the proper clothing (covering all skin) to play in and a change of clothes for after everyone is done. You may also bring anything else you think you may need such as a water bottle, or lunch if you choose.
  • Communicate! — Paintball, airsoft and laser tag are all about communication. Teams that work together and talk with each other on the field tend to win more games. Working as a unit, you will find that eliminating the other team because much easier.
  • Socialize off the field — Being social off the field has huge benefits. It’s like the chairlift ride at a ski resort. Talking with other players and creating games is half the fun of these sports so have fun with it and get everyone to join in! It is still perfectly alright to want to play only with your group though. If you do, make sure to speak with your field supervisor. Who knows, you might meet a new friend!
  • You will always win if you don’t get shot— Being sneaky can sometimes decide if you win or lose the game! Use the obstacles around you in creative ways to help gain a better advantage. Move around often because the easiest shots come from when they don’t know where you are at!


  • Do paintballs hurt? (Or BB’s)

In short, getting hit does not feel good. On the flipside, getting hit is not excruciating. The best way to deal with the pain is by coming prepared and wearing the proper clothing. Our pro shop also features several low cost options to adding a bit of protection when you arrive if you feel under dressed. If getting hit is not your thing, we also offer laser tag as an option.

  • Are there lockers available? Do we have our own table?

Personal items can be kept behind our counters or in your car if you choose. Your group will be given your own section of tables after check in that will be considered “home base” for your time at American Paintball Coliseum. This is where you can eat, break, and hang out when not on the field.

  • Can we play on our own?

Each group at American Paintball Coliseum is given the 100% choice to play only with your group. Playing with other people is perfectly fine as well. If you do choose to stay private, please let our field supervisors know so that we can accommodate your request.

  • Is outside food/drink allowed? Alcohol?

Outside food or drink is allowed inside as well as we have a snack bar containing drinks and small snacks. Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED inside the building during normal business hours. After hours parties are available for those that wish to stay a bit more private where catering and adult drinks can be discussed.