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  • Activities for all skill levels
  • Rental equipment available
  • A+ customer service
  • Indoor/outdoor field availability*
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Catering options available
  • Multiple game scenarios to play
  • Open lounge & social space
*Outdoor fields only available in Colorado




Send paintballs downrange at your workmates while ducking and dodging their return fire. Work as a team and communicate your way to victory. Dive and duck behind all kinds of obstacles Paintball is at the top of the fun pyramid for action seekers and teams


Laser Tag

Play team versus team or free for all matches in fields covered with planes, cars and buildings. Laser tag offers a fantastic no impact/no mess solution for teams that prefer a mild alternative to paintball.



If your team wants the action of paintball without needing a change of clothes airsoft is a great option. Battle team versus team with plastic BB’s while ducking and dodging behind decorated urban indoor fields.


Private parties provide special experiences that go above and beyond! Occasions that are outside of our regular business hours are available on request and offer the entire facility to your group alone. Specialized service and lightened alcohol restrictions help make an incredible event, every time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do! Every team’s needs are different and we are capable of catering to that. To find out what discounts are available for your team we encourage you to send a message to our party planners who will explain pricing based on your team's specific needs.

When coming out to play any of our activities, we recommend that players wear long sleeved clothing with a light pair of gloves to help protect the hands from impact. If you are playing paintball, a change of clothes is recommended for after finishing. Paintball goo does wash out of clothing.

Paintball goo will wash out of clothing. It is recommended to bring a change of clothes for when the team is finished playing but a warm wash at home will get garments clean. 

You are welcome to bring in your own food or non-alcoholic drink for any party that you have at American Paintball Coliseum. We offer in-house catering service as well and offer private events that allow for lightened alcohol restrictions. Please contact us for more details.

There is a general liability waiver that each player must fill out before being allowed to play. Waivers can be filled out online or at the time of the event. Reservation confirmation emails will also have a special link for that groups set of waivers. Having waivers completed online prior to the event helps reduce check in time for large parties. 

Teams are welcome to have a meeting or ceremony that is able to happen within the shared lounge space. Generally during weekdays this offers plenty of room for activities and socializing off the fields.

American Paintball Coliseum has done off-site events before. Our offsite events are full service and can have obstacles provided or use natural landscape for field space. For more information about offsite events and your specific information, please email us at

Our rental equipment includes the safety goggles, the gun and batteries or air depending on the activity you are playing. We do NOT rent our clothing materials and recommend that players bring playing attire they feel comfortable playing in as well as a change of clothes.
Our indoor fields all have spectator areas where those that are outside of the fields can watch all the action.
Depending on the activity you are playing will determine which amount of either paintballs or BB’s you would shoot. Of course laser tag is computer generated so there is no additional cost for ammunition on that activity. For most team we find that
500 paintballs per player = 2 hours of gameplay
Or that a bag of 5000 BB’s would last 4-6 people about 2-3 hours.
For more explanation on the amount of ammo you and your team might use, our staff are happy to help answer any questions, please contact us. 

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