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Compressed Air and CO2 Tank Refills

We fill Compressed Air and CO2 Tanks at our Colorado Springs indoor field!

What is the difference between compressed air and CO2?

This is a common question when looking to fill or purchase a tank. And a good one! The main difference between compressed air and CO2 is that they are fundamentally different things when under pressure. While inside the tank, compressed air is simply the air we breathe placed in a bottle. CO2 is a frozen liquid that transforms into a gas only when not compressed and is running through the hose or expansion area. Both options work great for playing paintball.

CO2 Pros

  • Cheaper to start with
  • Easy to fill at non-paintball specific stores
  • More shots per tank
  • Multiple Uses

Compressed Air Pros

  • More consistent shots
  • Qualify for all day air pass
  • Able to check quantity left
  • Different Shapes and sizes
  • Can be used on high-end equipment
  • Airsoft hookup
Compressed air and CO2 bottles
CO2 Denver Air Fills

Hydrostatic testing (Hydrotest)

Heard the term “hydro testing” and someone telling you that your tank needs it? No problem. American Paintball Coliseum offers hydrostatic testing at our facilities. We do not do the testing in-house however if you drop your tank off with us, we will make sure it gets to the right person. When hydro testing a tank through us we estimate a week to a week in a half to get your tank back.

How do I know if I need to get my tank hydro tested?

Every tank will have a printed set of markings or they will be stamped into the tanks. Amongst the weird string of numbers and letters, there will be a section that describes the month and year of when the tank was last hydroed or manufactured. Generally tanks need to be re-tested after 5 years of use. Tanks only have a 15 year lifespan from the original date on the tank. If you are confused at which numbers to look at we are happy to help. Either bring your tank in for us to look at or give us a call.

We Fill CO2 and Compressed Air for All Purposes

Air tanks have a wide variety of uses! We fill a variety of tanks that are used in things such as:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Kegerators
  • Ski Parachutes
  • Racing
  • Extreme off-roading/four wheeling
  • T-Shirt Cannons
  • Air Rifles
  • and many more.
Filling Paintball compressed air

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