The best indoor pb experience ive ever had.

I travel for work and went to APC twice over a month stay in phoenix. Both trips were top notch experiences (rented both times). I still prefer outdoor fields for the size, but for indoor....the best ive seen yet! Good job

PB is NOT a little kid game. If your not willing to put it blood, sweat, and tears you will not succeed.

PS- you should clean the goggles a bit better

Ryan Stearns

Every month my company participates in a team building event. This month someone suggested paintball and who am I to object. My operations manager searched on line and stumbled across this place, what a lucky find. Being novices to paintball I think we all had our reservations on what to expect but the crew there took great care of us. It was obvious from the begining that this was a place for hard core paintballers but equally as accomadating for beginners like us. Dorthy explained the rules and properly prepared us for what we were about to experience while Sean what was very professional and accomadating, he took our group pictures with a smile. I don't have a lot of experience with paintball but we had a blast and although I don't have anything to compare it with I would highly recommend this place for corporate events or for the hardcore paintballers because we were intimidated by them. A quick shout out to Chris who filled our bottles with air and kept us ready for the next game. As a business owner I really appreciate customer service and these guys took care of us like we were family.

Darin Garcia

I have played airsoft indoors and outdoors from North Carolina to Phoenix. APC is one of the best! They have a great use of the space available, an excellent pro shop, and most importantly great staff. I have been to places that were bigger and had more stuff on the field, but it doesn't matter a lick if the staff and experience are sub par. APC knows how to do it right when it comes to airsoft. Highly recommend.

Chris Gauthier

Great place for indoor paintball. Staff is helpful & friendly. Make sure to bring light gloves and wear protective clothing (long sleeves - sweatshirt even better). We'll be back!

J.P. Cook

We had my son's 9th birthday party here. Everyone in our group, including the adults had a blast. Got pretty pretty princess cupcakes instead of boy appropriate ones but we all laughed it off. The service was great! We would love to have future birthdays here and recommend this place. My son smiled ear to ear!

Mason Ballard

The thing i enjoyed the most was the staff, they were very helpfull and willing to help me with all my questions. They were overall very freindly and set a good atmosphere, other than that i loved the people i played with theire.

Wolf Pack

This was the best experience for paintballing! I brought my family in to play the past few weeks and we always leave satisfied and looking forward to the next time! The guy that helped us out at the front was named Matt, he was very informative and made our experience that much better! Thanks for an awesome time!

Chris Cameron

Let me start with saying, thank you guys for opening a Airsoft field here in Arizona! This place is awesome. The staff are extremely nice and friendly, unlike some other local fields I have played at. I love having conversation with all of them.

The field is nice a big with great air conditioning! I'm going to play here at the coliseum every weekend.

Thank you again American paintball coliseum, my airsoft team is very happy with you and your field!

Sincerely, Brian Greer

Brian Greer

Airsoft field is really fun and i love it. The ref even let us shoot her while she ran all over the place. Katrena was the ref who let us shoot her btw. The customer service is awesome too. The pro shop has all the best gear and guns you can get. Come here for some awesome airsoft fun!!!

Nicholas Swensgard

Took my family here to play laser tag last weekend for my son's birthday. We all had lots of fun even my young daughter. Loved the fact that the staff was friendly, open to questions and knowledgeable. Also was glad they had AC.

Thanks guys.

Gary Clark