Come play 2017 Paintball Tournaments at American Paintball Coliseum

3 Man Paintball Tournament Denver

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Keep your competitive skills up through the winter by coming indoors to play paintball with all your friends! As outdoor fields close down for the season, we ramp up by hosting weekly tournament player practice nights every Thursday evening and several tournaments throughout the winter. Hone your skills and stay sharp with stiff competition and a friendly, community feeling. Three full on paintball tournaments are scheduled for this winter as well to continue our Friday Night Tournament tradition.


American Paintball Coliseum is proud to host three different paintball tournaments at the beginning of 2017. Please call (303) 298-8573 if you want to register your team.

Paintball Tournaments Denver 2017

Dates (Check-in starts at 8am – games start at 9am)

Sunday, August 27th, 2017


3-man tournament

4 man roster

Race-to-2 format

Split deck games

Limit of 15 teams!

Ramp (10.5bps) or Semi (13bps)


$100/entrance per team

$55/2000 paintballs


3 Gtek Paintball Markers from Planet Eclipse for 1st Place
3 Valken Identity paintball goggles for 2nd Place
APC Schwag for 3rd Place


During the winter months, American Paintball Coliseum hosts a tournament player practice night that generally starts at 6:30pm every Thursday. Players from around the state can come to keep their skills sharp while outdoor paintballs fields are closed down. Individuals and teams are all welcome to come and play. To play in a tournament practice night, it costs $55 which includes a case of 2000 paintballs, field pass for the evening and all day compressed air.

American Paintball Coliseum
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