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Take advantage of our Paintball and Airsoft Gun & Equipment Repair at our Denver Colorado Facility!

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American Paintball Coliseum has had many years in the industry which comes with an advanced knowledge about the inner workings of various forms of equipment, from pistols to rifles, Tippman to Planet Eclipse and everything else in between. If you can’t figure out why your gun is not working, why some piece won’t fit when it should, or you just simply got lost along the way, bring it in to us for help. Our friendly and helpful staff will be glad to point you in the right direction. Over the years, we have encountered situations which include but are not limited to replacing o-rings, unjamming and refurbishing locked gearboxes, installing upgrades, testing input/output pressures, solenoid replacement, basic electronics work, finding and fixing air leaks, and much more! If you have an issue with your equipment, our staff has most likely seen something similar to it before.

American Paintball Coliseum offers services that help keep your paintball and airsoft equipment in tip-top shape. The most basic service is a known as a clean and refurbish. Our technicians completely tear down the piece of equipment and bring it back to life by making sure it is functioning properly. Parts are not included in the base fee*. We bring your broken stuff back to life and are happy to help show what went wrong and how to fix it again if the need arises. The only thing that matters is getting you back out on the field to continue pulling the trigger!

Paintball and airsoft equipment is usually repaired within a week from the original drop off date, however, this may take longer if missing parts are required or need to be ordered in. You can find out more information about getting your airsoft and paintball gun/equipment fixed or tuned up by calling (303) 298-8573 or emailing us at

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