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Airsoft and Paintball Gun Repair

Paintball and Airsoft Gun & Equipment Repair in Denver, Colorado

$35 Diagnostic Includes 1st Hour of Service

$35 Per additional hour + Cost of parts

Paintball and Airsoft Gun Repair in Denver

Leave it to us to get your paintball guns or airsoft guns back in working order. Our experts know how to work on a wide variety of old and new gear for both paintball and airsoft.

Common Problems we can help with

  • Leaking paintball guns
  • Dirty paintball guns
  • Airsoft guns not working
  • Airsoft gun upgrades
  • Rebuilds
  • Paintball guns not cocking

Paintball and Airsoft Gun Maintenance

Do you need your gear cleaned up from not playing in a while? Do you prefer to have a pro tech clean your gear after the season? What we call a “clean and refurb” is the way to go. We can help you keep your paintball or airsoft guns in great shape, even if it’s not broken.


  • Inspecting o-rings for damage
  • Old paint or debris removal
  • Detent & eyes check
  • Lubricate O-rings
  • Shooting test
  • Minor air leak repair


  • Motor placement check
  • Shooting test
  • Dirt and debris removal
  • Barrel cleaning
  • Oil and grease necessary parts
  • Hop up inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of reasons your paintball gun might not be working. Fortunately, we have a few things you should check before bringing your gun in for repair. 

  1. Replace the battery if it has one
  2. Make sure your tank regulator has an o-ring that is in good condition
  3. Check your hopper and tank connections. Is everything on and ready
  4. Use paintball gun oil or paintball grease to lubricate any moving parts
  5. If your gun is leaking, look towards finding the o-ring that is problematic

Paintball guns will chop paintballs for a few different reasons. If the paintball is not sitting properly in the breach and held in place by detents, the shot is prone to breaking the paintball either in the feed-neck or coming through the barrel. Check the timing of the paintballs coming into the paintball gun as well as making sure the paintball is not rolling forward before shooting out of the barrel.

Paintball guns require some maintenance to keep them performing well. Depending on the type of shooting design, some guns will work better using an oil. Other types of paintball guns recommend using grease. Using the right type of lubrication on your paintball gun is essential to having it work for you on the field.

To fix a leaking CO2 paintball gun you need to first identify where the leak is coming from. If the leak is coming out of a small hole near near the tank connection, it is likely that the tank o-ring is broken or damaged. If the leak is coming through the front or side of the paintball gun, the issue is most likely a broken o-ring somewhere on the inside of the marker.

The cost of getting an airsoft gun repaired is variable. It depends on what needs to be done. We charge by the hour to work on airsoft guns with most guns falling within 1-3 hours of work. This is not including the cost of parts that are necessary for the repair.

Airsoft guns range in quality and thus, range in durability. Airsoft guns are often made of plastic and require the pull of a spring that is driven by an electric motor. Airsoft guns that feature metal internal parts are likely to last substantially longer than their plastic counterparts. Repairs can be performed on most gearboxes to fix and repair parts if yours goes down.

Airsoft guns in most cases require minimal maintenance. Parts for airsoft are small and can be hard to work on so it is our recommendation to not disassemble your airsoft gun. Cleaning your barrel, unjamming BB’s and keeping your motor in good condition are good ways to take care of your airsoft equipment.

You can find out more information about getting your airsoft and paintball gun/equipment fixed or tuned up by calling (303) 298-8573 or emailing us at

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