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Homeschooling is now a popular option as a solution to education for your children. For many homeschool families, this is unfamiliar territory. Parents who were not exposed to homeschooling have more questions than ever. One of those questions is what are a few homeschooling activity ideas that we can do during the week?

Schooling materials are common to come by for day-to-day education. Homeschool programs are not new, instead, they are new to many people. Adjusting to a homeschool schedule can be conquered. But what about extracurricular activities? What are homeschooled parents to do for social opportunities and getting homeschooled children involved with friends?

The following homeschool activity ideas promote social interaction and social skills in an exciting environment.


Paintball is the ultimate action game. The game centers around communication and teamwork. Paintball games play with as few as 2 players and there is no limit to who or how many can participate.

Coordinating a visit with your homeschool group makes a paintball outing easy to set up. Some paintball fields offer weekday availability. Weekday times are usually less busy and kids love the game! A regular paintball experience usually lasts about 2 hours. Any paintball goo can be washed at home with ease.

Paintball is engaging and exciting to all ages who are 10 or older. After a few matches the effect is clear. Paintball teaches communication skills that are important for a well-rounded student.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is the easiest activity to go play with any amount of players! Playing laser tag keeps players clean, unlike paintball, and is a fun activity for anyone who is about six or older. An experience will cost about $25 per player for about an hour of game time.

This is the perfect activity for varying age ranges. Everyone can play together with no advantage for players that are older or more advanced. Popular game modes can vary; the most common are team-versus-team or free-for-all.

Laser tag systems usually run off a computer. The computer works to keep track of scores, game time, and times a player was eliminated. Laser tag is the ultimate activity to re-energize homeschooled students who need to stretch their legs.


If you don’t know, airsoft is a game that has become very popular with middle school and high school students. This game is like paintball. Players shoot plastic BB’s to eliminate the other team thus, winning the game. The best part of airsoft is all the action with no mess!

Maximum adrenaline on the field will keep players engaged for hours! Rental equipment is easy to get at the field for a first-timer or beginner. This is an opportunity to spend between two to four hours getting much-needed exercise.

It is common for airsoft fields to have wifi to let you get a few things completed yourself. The kids can have fun building social connections and get exercise all at the same time!

Axe Throwing

Throwing axes is an activity anyone 8 years and older can play. Axe throwing is an idea for homeschool parents who are uneasy about sports like paintball and airsoft.

In axe throwing, a thrower lines up in a lane about 10 feet away. A target is painted on wood boards and situated at the end of each lane. With a step and a throw, the axe flies through the air striking the target. Where the axe lands marks your score depending on the game you are playing.

There are many different axe-throwing game types for hours of fun. Keeping track across several throws will win the game once the final score hits.

Axe throwing as an activity for homeschoolers offers excellent social experiences and valuable skills. Throwers make lasting memories with friends and like-minded individuals. This is a great solution for a simple outing that is inexpensive and very fun!

Social time, recreational sports, and exercise paired with academics is key to a well-rounded homeschool learning environment. These activity ideas help homeschool students interact with their peers. Each activity puts players in real-world situations where they need to work together for success. Further, these are all activities that kids love! The action and adrenaline can’t be beat. Not to mention, these activities have a “cool” factor that cannot be found in other educational experiences.

Next time the topic of what to do comes up, recommend one of these fun activities as a solution. Encourage other homeschooled families with children to join in. Form a group of people to play. Don’t forget that fun with friends and socialization opportunities are in the lesson plan too!

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