Paintball and Airsoft Gift Ideas For 2022

Paintball And Airsoft Gift Ideas for 2022

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The 2022 gift guide for paintball and airsoft is here! We asked our local experts what players need most on the field. From their answers, we put together a list of gear options that can suit any budget. Sometimes shopping for paintball and airsoft can be confusing. Not any more.

This article will help you navigate shopping for your special paintball or airsoft player this year. Let’s dig in!

Gifts Under $25

Barrel Bag ($6-$20)

Barrel bags are a great stocking stuffer for every paintball or airsoft player. They get lost, break and generally take a beating over time. Barrel bags come in a variety of designs, colors and materials and are cheap. Even if they already have one, it doesn’t hurt to have two. Barrel bags are required to play both sports for everyone’s safety. Having a backup in the gear bag is a good idea.

Paintball Swabs ($8-$18)

If the inside of your barrel is anything but clean, your paintballs will not fly strait at all. Paintball swabs are essential for any up and coming paintball player. Swabs are commonly carried on the field for mid-game cleaning and used off the field to make sure your paint is flying as accurately as possible. Over time, swabs breakdown and become garbage. A clean swab is essential and promised to get used at the next practice or tournament.

Paintball Pods ($3-$4 each)

Pods are always being broken or lost on the paintball field. It helps to have a few on hand of your own too. Pods are a great stocking stuffer or gift idea for the paintball player in your life. Choose between colors and brands for the right fit.

M4 Airsoft magazine ($10 – $20)

Airsoft players shoot through a TON of bbs. To keep your airsoft gun loaded up, having a couple of extra magazines will keep you on the field longer. There are two main options; mid cap magazines and high cap magazines. Mid cap magazines or “mid caps” will hold 140 BB’s and high capacity airsoft magazines can hold over 300. Be careful to match the magazine to the gun. The M4 style is the most common and popular. Each option is priced under $25 and is a great accessory piece to keep your airsoft player on the field. 

Gloves ($16-$20)

A little bit of protection goes a long way and nothing is worse than getting shot in the hands. Ouch! Protecting the fingers is an easy way to increase the amount of fun on the field. A set of gloves is a perfect stocking stuffer for both airsoft and paintball players.

Gifts Under $50

Red Dot Sights ($35-$50)

Red dot sights made for playing airsoft are a great accessory to improve your performance on the field. There are different styles that you can choose from in a variety of price ranges. When it comes to Airsoft, be careful! BB’s can and will crack the glass on the sight if there is a direct hit. There is no need to spend a bunch of money on a sight that is getting shot at. A red dot sight combined with a plastic protector that sits in front of the optic is the key. A fantastic way to upgrade your Airsoft gun under $50. 

Paintball or Airsoft Gift Cards (Up to $50)

A $50 gift card is a great option to give the player choice in what they can get. This amount of money towards your local field can help pay for entrance passes, snacks or small gear to facilitate their experience and increase a day of fun.

Thunder V Shells + Core ($25-$35)

If you want a gift that gives a bang then the Thunder V tactical sound grenades are the thing to get! The plastic shells wrap around a 12 gram CO2 canister and screwed into a metal tube called the “Core”. When you pull the pin after priming the core, a small pin punctures the CO2 cartridge. Eventually, the shell fills up and bursts creating a very large “BANG”. Totally safe. No fire or pyro. No projectile. But one heck of a great time!

Airsoft batteries and charger

Nothing kills a day of airsoft quicker like running out of batteries. A second set of airsoft batteries is a great gift idea. With most batteries, you can get a charger along with it making this combo a great airsoft gift idea under $50. Use caution to shop for the correct battery type for the airsoft gun it will be used in. Knowing the model of the gun and checking the spec sheet is a sure way to make sure you get the right type of gear.

Gifts Under $100

Case of paintballs ($65)

What could a paintballer possibly want more than more paintballs! A case of paintballs prolongs a day at the field or gives extra practice. With prices ranging from $55-$75 a case of paintballs is a great gift in this price range. Plus it is fairly heavy. Heavy boxes always have the good gifts!

Plate carrier ($60-$100)

A plate carrier is a great addition for any airsoft player looking to get more involved in the sport. Plate carriers allow a combination of pouches and useful attachments to be placed on them for quick access during a game. Styled after realistic military equipment, these dialed down versions are perfect for airsoft and a great option for under $100. A plate carrier also offers protection as a layer between the player and an incoming BB to help reduce the impact from getting hit.

Tracer units ($70-$90)

The hottest items in the airsoft community right hands down are tracer units. And for good reason! Tracer units attach to the front of barrels on airsoft guns and charge a glow-in-the-dark airsoft BB to glow as it shoots through the air. These attachments are all the rage for speedQB and indoor tactical play to help see where your BB is shooting. Caution! Do your research or ask our pro staff if a tracer unit will fit on the airsoft gun you are looking to put it on. Often times the orange tip need to be removed which we do not recommend for a number of reasons. 

Knee or arm pads

Whether the player in your life is playing paintball or airsoft, there is a lot of movement on your elbows and knees. A fantastic paintball gift idea is getting a set of pads to protect those areas on the body. There are knee and elbow pads that are made specifically for paintball and airsoft that offer comfort to be able to wear them all day and the support and padding to protect you on the field. Pads from HK Army, Dye and Hydra are a few top quality options coming in under the $100 mark.

Gifts Under $200

Goggles ($70-$200)

Having a good pair of goggles is essential to paintball and airsoft. Sure, you can find a pair of goggles for cheaper than a couple hundred dollars. Take it from us though, you can’t substitute the comfort of higher quality goggle systems. Every aspect of these goggles combines safety, comfort and functionality. Features like softer foam, better lenses, and softer ear pieces are a few difference between a $150 pair of goggles and ones that cost 50 bucks.

Airsoft pistols ($110 – $200)

Most higher quality airsoft pistols can be purchased for under $200. Airsoft pistols in this price range can be close replicas to the real things. These pistols often work on CO2 or Green gas. Some can be also be upgraded to run on compressed air. Airsoft pistols of today imitate many styles, makes and models for all kinds of iconic firearms.

Paintball Barrel Kits

Upgraded barrel systems can help improve the consistency of how streams of paintballs shoot. Paintballs are not always perfectly round or the same size. A barrel kit is an upgrade to most stock barrels that come with paintball guns. These kits often include a set of barrel connections that are labeled.  Depending on the size of the paintball, you can match the barrel to those paintballs to improve consistency and efficiency on the field. 

Paintball Hoppers

Generally, a paintball hopper is a container that sits atop a paintball gun that feeds paintballs to be fired. Basic hoppers work just by allowing gravity to do the work and pull the paintball into the gun. As players progress into electronic guns, gravity doesn’t feed fast enough. Upgraded hoppers like the Virtue Spire or the Dye Rotor will keep paintballs feeding consistently at higher rates of fire. This is a fantastic upgrade to your paintball setup and to improve your performance on the field. 

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All of our indoor locations contain a large variety of paintball and airsoft supplies. We encourage you to come and shop at our stores that are open 7 days a week. Our expert staff can answer all of your questions to make sure you’re getting the best gear at the best prices this holiday season. For more information on brands we carry, check out our pro shop page.

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