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3Man Paintball Tournaments

2024 3Man Paintball Tournament Schedule

3Man Tournament Event Schedule

  • February 18th | Colorado Springs, CO | SOLD OUT
  • August 4th | Brighton, CO
  • December 1st | Colorado Springs, CO

NOVICE Division (Beginner) – $175/team

  • D5 & Lower (includs all beginners)
  • One Division 4 player allowed on roster
  • Paintballs – $45 or $55 based on grade choice
  • 1st: $500 | 2nd: $200 | 3rd: 4000 Paintballs

3-Man Tournament Registration (SOLD OUT FOR FEB 18, 2024)

Team Name

Drills For Kills Player Program

Drills For Kills Paintball Player Program

Become a better paintball player!
Denver ✔️ | Phoenix ✔️ | Colorado Springs ✔️
All skill levels are welcome to participate in Drills for Kills

APC Indoor locations
Thursdays from 11am – 8pm (Final games at 7:30)

The Deal
$10 for 500 Paintballs
Limit: 2 bags/player
*Entrance & air included with purchase of paintballs

This program offers access and opportunity to players that want to spend time improving their paintball skills at a great price.

Prizes for paintball tournaments can range from cash awards or gear for winning the competition. Generally teams that placed first through third place are recognized with trophies, medals and prizes.

Paintball tournaments have different formats and can run in varying ways. Most tournaments follow a round robin or four game guarantee. Each match within the tournament could be a "best 2 out of 3" or time based game.

Yes! The sport of paintball has leagues that players compete and progress through. Players are ranked in a national system to help prevent cheating. Leagues like the Rocky Mountain Paintball League offer divisions for teams to compete with other players at the same skill level.

500 paintballs can last up to two hours when playing with rental equipment. Upgraded equipment has the ability shoot 500 paintballs in only a few minutes. It all depends on the player!

The best way to get better at playing paintball is to practice. Do drills. Get as much field time as possible. Immersing yourself in the game is the best way to progress quickly.

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