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Speedball in Denver, Phoenix and Colorado Springs

Paintball Events & Programs

Register for 3-Man Paintball on July 24th

Amateur – $350/team 

  • D3 & Lower Players
  • 1st Place: $2200 | 2nd Place: $600

Novice – $175/team 

  • D5 & Lower. One (1) D4 Player allowed on roster.
  • 1st Place: $500 | 2nd Place: $200 | 3rd Place: 4 Cases of Paintballs

Paintballs: $55/case premium | $40/case regular

Ruleset: 3-Man NXL |

Game Format: Race-to-2 | 4 Game Guarantee

Team Name

Drills For Kills Player Program

Drills for Kills (D4K) is for players who are looking to get more field time and a way to practice paintball economically. Drills for kills pairs free, how-to videos with the ability to buy a bag or two of paintballs to spend the time drilling and improving as a paintball player. This program supports players of all skill levels.

When Does It Happen?
D4K is hosted at any of our indoor locations on Thursdays from 11am – 8pm (Final games at 7:30)

The Deal
$10/bag of 500 paintballs.
Max limit: 2 bags/player

Free Drills Videos
For years the Colorado winters simply meant you could not play paintball until Spring. This gap left Colorado teams at a disadvantage. We identified this problem and knew we could help. Now, all APC locations are helping players grow the sport.
Check out our playlist on Youtube for common paintball drills you can do!

Rocky Mountain Paintball League – RMPL


The Rocky Mountain Paintball League (RMPL) is the premiere paintball league in Colorado. Play in the best Division 4 competition in timed, x-ball style matches with expert reffing and scoring provided by team Denver Kaos.

RMPL events are officially ranked through the APPA. To play in RMPL events teams must register and submit rosters through the link found here.

Compete for thousands of dollars in cash prizes at each event and play across the whole year for a chance to win the series prize of a paid-for NXL World Cup entrance!

2022 Event Schedule
April 9-10 | Xball | D4 & Lower
July 9-10 | Xball | D4 & Lower
August 20-21 | Xball | D4 & Lower
October 8-9 | Xball | D4 & Lower | Double Points

Beginner 3-Man Tournaments
Sunday, May 15th | D5 & Unranked
Sunday, July 24th | D5 & Unranked

Wednesday Night Streetball

Wednesday night streetball is a staple for keeping paintball fun with people that know how to play! Join other players through the summer season to kick back, switch team and have a blast playing paintball. Call us for more information about dates and times for these events.

2022 Camp Team Try-Outs

Try Out for a Team!
No tournament experience is needed and all players are welcome to participate. There is a team for you!
This is a two day try out being held at our outdoor fields on January 15th & 16th (weather permitting).

Registration is FREE. Just fill out the short survey to tell us about yourself.
Try-out weekend is only $85 and includes 2 cases of paintballs. Entrance and air fills are included (no CO2).

Fill out the registration form online here
Check out the event + details on Facebook here


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American Paintball Coliseum Colorado Springs Indoor Field

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American Paintball Coliseum Phoenix Indoor Field

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