The Essentials of Hosting an Offsite Paintball Event

The idea

So your sales team killed it this year. Or you want to host a birthday party that is extra special this year. Are you in charge of planning a killer bachelor party this year? Corporate Events like team-building exercises or celebrations also call for unique activities.

These are only a couple examples of countless reasons for celebration throughout life. One thing remains the same. Playing paintball is the most action-packed way to create an unforgettable memory. But what if you are not near a paintball field? What if the paintball field could come to you?

Throwing an offsite paintball event allows the action to come to you, exclusively. There are few things to consider when deciding if you can do an offsite paintball event. Like, where are you going to put a paintball arena?

The property

Do you have access to a piece of private property? This is the best case scenario for hosting an offsite paintball event. Paintballing requires space to play and obstacles to play around. Trees and areas with hard natural foliage are great for hosting a paintball event. Other things like old pallets and plastic barrels make great paintball bunkers too.

You might be asking, well, can we play on public land? The answer is, it depends. A call to the local authority will be your best bet in finding out if you can play on a particular piece of land. Playing paintball is still a shooting sport; consideration for field safety is important.

Playing paintball in the backyard may not work. Gel ball can though! Gelball is water saturated gelatin balls that break apart on impact. This makes them perfect for backyard types of private events. Gelball has become a popular way to play and leaves no mess once the gelatin dries out after use. With low impact and virtually no mess, the field requirements needed to play plummet. Some fields even have inflatable arenas that make excellent backyard birthday party arenas.

Knowing where you are going to play and having permission to play is the first step in planning your event.

Guns and gear

With the property you plan to play on situated, you can now focus on getting the gear to play. This is where working with a paintball field comes in. A field like American Paintball Coliseum has all the equipment to provide paintball to players offsite.

There are lots of pieces to play paintball. Paintball guns, hoppers, tanks, the air, paintballs, and not to mention the obstacles. What a pain to deal with! Working with a paintball field to provide equipment is the easiest way to get everything needed without a long-term commitment.

Playing paintball ultimately requires three things. The marker setup, paintball goggles, and the paintballs. Part of the marker setup is the compressed air needed to shoot the guns.

Now, CO2 or compressed air is as good as the other for this type of event. The hard part is having enough to play across several games. You need to refill the tanks periodically. Compressed air or gas can be brought in storage tanks. However, generating air at the time of the private event is very difficult. Once again, working with a local paintball company will solve the air issue at your event.

The paintballs themselves are biodegradable and non-toxic. This is good news for the environment. There is no impact on the local area besides a few colored spots that will fade with time to nothing.

Game day

Game day has arrived! Wake up and be ready for the day. Hydrate and prepare for a day of exercise. On game day there is usually about an hour of setup to get the field up and ready. The paintball company will rope off the field and make it clear where the boundaries are.

Once the games start, you should have an amazing time! Enjoy each game and play your heart out. Be present in the moment. Laugh, have fun and enjoy. Now is the time to bond with your teammates or family. Play different games and switch up teams often to get the full experience!

Experienced staff from the paintball company will be on hand to ensure safe gameplay based on skill level. They can also accommodate Additional players who want to join the private games.

After all the paintballs have been shot it’s time to get cleaned up and grab a shower. Paintball will get you a little dirty but cleaning paintball goo is easy to wash up. Since you worked with a local paintball company, they will package all the mess up and head out for the day.

Tipping the paintball crew is a nice gesture at the end of the event to recognize them for their travel and effort.

And now you’ve done it! You have planned and experienced an adventure that is the ultimate adrenaline rush. Everyone involved now shares a fun memory that will be brought up for years to come. People recall their favorite paintball moments fondly. They remember where they were, who they were with and the incredible feeling they had in the moment. That is the magic of the game of paintball!

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