American Paintball Coliseum Hosts the Best Phoenix Arizona Birthday Parties!

American Paintball Coliseum is the #1 spot for hosting a cool kid’s birthday party or fast paced competitive adult birthday parties! Parties hosted at our facility are talked about for months and remembered for years! Our 35,000 foot paintball, airsoft and laser tag facility is located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona and is the perfect place to escape the heat and come indoors for a fun time with friends and family. Our birthday parties are exciting, unique and exhilarating for players and spectators alike. Family and friends are more than welcome to watch and we have a snack bar that provides small snacks and drinks to enjoy while you wait. Ask us about providing your group with pizza!

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Kid’s Birthday Parties

American Paintball Coliseum also offers birthday party packages at great rates! This is an excellent and hassle-free way to plan a birthday party for that special someone! Our birthday party packages include an exciting paintball, airsoft or laser tag experience combined with pizza, cupcakes and drinks for each player! Prices can be found under the pricing section. Insert link You are only one call away from having your birthday party scheduled and being stress free so call today!

Birthday Parties

  • Great for players 10+ years old
  • Rental Equipment available (includes gun mask and all day air!)
  • Different games to play all day
  • Safe and friendly atmosphere
  • Pizza and snack bar (also has water/soda)
  • Expert staff to help your group
  • Option to play with or without other players
  • Spectator viewing area into the field

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Birthday Party Packages

No matter what the age of your players from 8 years old to grown adults we make sure you have a party to remember. When you book your party we will get information from you to help us determine what skill level and activity level your guest will be. Our knowledgeable staff will then develop a plan for your party. Whether it be beginners learning how to play laser tag or the most experienced airsoft or paintball players who want to do scenario play of capture the flag your host will hook you up.

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Paintball Birthday Party Package ($40/Player)

  • 2 Hour paintball field pass
  • 2 Hour equipment rental (gun, mask and air)
  • Gloves available starting at $5
  • 200 Initial paintballs*
  •   A private party room
  •   2 pieces of Pizza/player,

1 cupcake/player, and

1 soft drink/player (exclusions apply)

*More paintballs can be purchased if necessary at the normal price

Airsoft Birthday Party Package ($45/Player)

  • 2 Hour airsoft field pass
  • 2 Hour equipment rental (gun, mask and batteries)
  • Gloves available starting at $5
  • 300 Initial BB’s*
  •   A private party room
  •   2 pieces of Pizza/player,

1 cupcake/player, and

1 soft drink/player (exclusions apply)

*Players start with a full magazine. More BB’s can be purchased if necessary

Laser Tag Birthday Party Package ($35/Player)

  • Seven 3-5 minute laser tag games
  •   A private party room
  •   2 pieces of Pizza/player,

1 cupcake/player, and

1 soft drink/player (exclusions apply)

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What to Bring

When coming to play for a birthday party at American Paintball Coliseum, it is generally recommended to have a couple things with you. For paintball & airsoft, it is recommended that players wear:

  •      long pants
  •      closed-toed shoes
  •      a hooded jacket/long sleeve shirt
  •      a light pair of gloves

Our rental equipment includes the gun, the mask and the with compressed air or batteries. Our proshop has gloves and chest protectors available starting at $5 and can be purchased on-site. Laser tag does not have any contact or projectiles involved so clothing can be a bit lighter however closed toed shoes is still recommended. A baseball hat can be used to protect the back of the neck if necessary.

Safety Information

Our field supervisors are trained to watch and enforce the safety rules which helps make sure that everyone in the building is safe. To ensure that everyone enjoys extreme indoor sports it must be done safely. After being greeted at the door and getting checked-in, each group of players is given a brief safety orientation video and speech before receiving their equipment. Safety at American Paintball Coliseum is our biggest priority and we make sure to make that our guests feel safe as well. Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to help guide you and your group through a great session of paintball, airsoft or laser tag.


Waivers must be completed for each player that will be participating. Spectators do not need to fill out a waiver to watch. There must be at least one person over the age of 18 years old to check in the group. For questions about the waiver, we ask that you give us a call at the number below.

To arrange for your group of have the best birthday party of the year or to ask any questions, please give us a call at (602) 275-5285 and we would be happy to accommodate.

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