2017 Phoenix, AZ Paintball Tournaments

Paintball Tournaments in Phoenix

Keep your skills sharp through the winter by coming indoors to play paintball with all your friends! What is better than a Friday night of paintball and the weeknd just ahead. Our paintball tournaments are fun events for anyone to play in, regardless of skill level. If you and your buddies think you have what it takes, get registered today by calling (602) 275-5285! We can’t wait to see what tournament paintball in Arizona is all about!

American Paintball Coliseum’s 3-MAN TOURNAMENTS

Please call (602) 275-5285 if you want to register your team.

Phoenix 2017 Paintball Tournaments


(Check-in starts at 6pm – games start at 7pm)

Friday, February 24th 2017


3-man tournament

4 man roster

Race-to-2 format

Split deck games

Limit of 12 teams!

Ramp (10.5bps) or Semi (13bps)


$60/entrance per team

$50/2000 paintballs


$100 for 1st Place

 2016 Phoenix Paintball Tournament Winners

2016 Phoenix Paintball Tournament Champs