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Airsoft is a great activity for players ages 10 and older



Coming to play airsoft for your event is easy to put together. Pricing is based per player. Each player may differ in what is exactly needed however our expert staff can help with pricing questions at any time.

We estimate that a large bottle of BB’s can sustain 4-6 players for a couple of hours

The rental equipment may not be needed if you are bringing your own gear to play with. Players that do choose to use their own gear will need to have an approved barrel blocking devices and proper face protection.

Entrance Pass

$20 for 4 Hours
$30 for All Day
Per player

Rental Equipment

$20 Standard Rental (Choice)
$35 Combo Rental (Pistol + Rifle)
Per player
**Rental change out is $10

BB’s & Extras

$14 per 5,000 Regular BB’s
$17 Tracer BB’s
$6 Barrel Bags


What is your defense device going to be? When coming to play at American Paintball Coliseum for airsoft you have options for what you want to bring with you on the field. For players with their own equipment you are welcome to use it if it is able to shoot within our velocity parameters.


  • Includes Leg Strap + Holster
  • 2x Started CO2
  • HK 45 Model Pistol
  • 13 Round Magazine


  • M4 Platform Airsoft Rifle
  • High Load Magazine (250rds)
  • Semi or Full Auto
  • Battery Powered Engine
  • Durable Metal Casing


  • May Need Barrel Bag
  • Shoot Under 355fps with .20g BB


Playing airsoft is the perfect activity that for maximum adrenaline with minimal mess to clean. This makes it a great activity to play for any occasion and with our highly rated team of airsoft experts everyone is sure to have an unforgettable time! It is our mission to give each person an A+ airsoft experience 7 days a week.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Team Building Events
  • Corporate Parties
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Social Events
  • Bachelorette Events
  • Graduation Parties

Looking for private events? Contact us about our after hour party packages to set up an event like never before!



  • 2 Hour Field Pass
  • 2 Hour Rental
  • 250 Initial BB’s
  • 2 Slices of Pizza
  • 1 Soda
  • 1 Cupcake


We are the party experts when it comes to getting everyone ready to play. As you arrive, the excitement meets you at the door and we get everyone checked in quickly as possible.

Once each player is checked in, our staff give an orientation that will allow for beginner players to be on the same page with all the safety rules and gameplay flow.

Rentals get passed out and the tables in our staging area are prepared for your group. Our staging area is where players load up, socialize and have food and drink while they are outside of the field. Once each person on the team is loaded and ready, it is time to hit the field.

Let the games begin!

Our field supervisors help beginner players choose fair teams and get them to the start bases after explaining that game’s rules. Only Thing left is to call “3…2…1…GO!”. Most of the airsoft games played are about 5 minutes long with several respawns to keep the action flowing.

Private Games

American Paintball Coliseum allows for groups to choose to play together however it is not required. You and your team are able to have private matches without other players if your party was reserved.


Playing hard all day takes a lot out of you. APC has you covered. If you need to refuel, our Phoenix indoor location has everything you need to keep the fun coming.

Hot Dog Special

Birthday Party Food Package

Other items included at our snack bar can be purchased as well.

  • Hot Dogs
  • Pretzels
  • Noodles
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Nachos
  • Soda
  • Water
  • Arizona Iced Tea
  • Gatorade
  • Monster Energy
  • Chips
  • Candy
  • Donuts
  • Beef Sticks
  • Muffins


Airsoft Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need reservations?

Reservations allow us to give you the best service possible. If rental equipment is necessary for your group, we do ask that reservations are placed so we can make sure to have your gear ready when you arrive.

Do you accept walk-in players?

Sometimes fun happens in the spur of the moment and we get that. We do allow for players to play with unreserved equipment during each day that we are open. It is rare that all of our rental equipment is booked out but it does happen. For specifics about coming out on the day of without a reservation giving us a call will allow us to give you accurate information about availability.

I have my own equipment. What is the chronograph speed?

Each gun is required to be chronographed before being brought on the field. Our chronograph speed indoors is 355 feet per second using a .20g BB. We allow for up to .25g BB’s to be used afterwards.

Can you help me with pricing for a party?

Yes! Our team is always here to answer any questions that you may have. Reaching out over email or by phone is the quickest methods of communication. We would be happy to help get you and your team out to play.

Are there a minimum amount of players I need for a party?

There are no player minimums for putting a group together to come and play. We can work with singles, pairs or larger amounts of people. We just ask for reservations to be most prepared for your group to come and play.

We do ask that a minimum of 6 players be present for the special birthday party package in order to properly account for pizza and cupcakes.


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