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Why Choose Paintball, Airsoft or Laser Tag for a Team Building Exercise?

Paintball, airsoft and laser tag is great for team building exercises because they:

  • Improve Communication

     All of these activities are team sports that require good communication between team members. If communication is weak amongst one team, the competition will help a team work through communication issues and may end up taking the victory.

  • Strengthens Problem Solving

    Players need work together in order to achieve a goal or win the game and those that do not work as a team are quickly covered in paint and they must find a way to improve their strategy!

  • Promotes Creativity

    When people are brought together outside of their typical setting it encourages them to think outside of the box and utilize more creative problem solving.

  • Creates Unity

    Many times there is a disconnect between leadership and the rest of the staff. When doing a team building exercise it brings people together and reduces this disconnect. Everyone is at an even level on the field which often helps to boost company moral.

  • Strengthens Problem Solving

    Players need work together in order to achieve a goal or win the game and those that do not work as a team are quickly covered in paint and they must find a way to improve their strategy!

  • Relieves Tension

    The physical activity of extreme indoor sports releases tension that can be built up during the average day. Returning to work with a clear mind makes for a happier and better functioning work environment, something everyone can enjoy.

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What are some of the team building games?

Field supervisors are also well versed in various games that will keep the action fun and energetic.

Common games that are perfect for team building events include but are not limited to:

Capture The Flag

Teams are pitted against each other in an attempt to capture a flag positioned in the middle of the field. The flag must be returned to the starting base which signals the end of the game. If you are shot while carrying the flag, you must drop the flag where it is which gives the other team a chance to get a come-from-behind win!

Team VS. Team Elimination

The most popular style of play is team versus team elimination. Two teams start on opposing sides and get ready to take each other out! This game ends when one team is completely eliminated leaving the victorious on the field to celebrate. A fun addition to this style of game is to introduce “lives” which makes the game last longer and allows teams to recover and win if the game doesn’t start in your favor. 


Freeze Tag

Teams start in a team versus team format but this game offers a wild twist! If a player gets shot, they must kneel down behind cover and wait for a teammate to tag them back into the game. Effectively this “unfreezes” the teammate allowing them to continue playing. The game ends when one team is completely “frozen”.

There are many other games that can be played on our paintball, airsoft and laser tag fields and you can suggest your own variations if your group would like. Games like the ones described above build communication, teamwork, and trust, all of which are qualities that are desired in the workplace.

American Paintball Coliseum has rental equipment available by reservations which can be made by calling us at (602) 275-5285. Our facility also offers a snack bar to keep your group refreshed and fed. We can also accommodate your group with pizzas at the time of your event, just let us know! Outside food and drink is also allowed if you prefer to bring your own or provide catering. Without a doubt, holding your event at American Paintball Coliseum is the only way get the office out and about for an activity that everyone will enjoy.



Sheldon J.

This place rocks!!! The staff at APC is the best bar none! They have two indoor paintball fields. A very important aspect of paintball in AZ in the summer time! One field is urban CQC and the other is Speedball. Both are tons of fun. My son and I went here for my 62nd birthday and played all day. Everyone playing today helped make my birthday a GREAT day as well. This is fun for the whole family.There where kids from probably 8 years old to me at 62! Men and women boys and girls every one was having a blast. Thank you American Paintball Coliseum Phoenix.


Wendy C.

Great experience!! Highly recommend!! Staff was amazing from start to finish. First time for this group of young teens (13-14) so the staff walked them through the whole process, told them what to expect and the rules. Our group did both paintball and air soft. Arenas were cool with lots of bunkers to hide behind including salvaged airplane parts. Def need long sleeves and jeans. Ideally, also wear knee socks, gloves and a hoodie to protect neck. Adrenalin rush for sure!! Planned for 2 hours but stayed almost 4.


Geraldine D.

My boys love laser tagging at this place. Not your normal laser tag experience where you’re in a dark room shooting lasers at each other. If you are a Call of Duty fan, and don’t mind the lights on in an actual course where you are visible to others, this is the place to go! Get out there and use your tactical real life skills here if you are a true gamer. Staff was awesome! My boys had so much fun, they gave my boys the best Friday laser experience ever!


Vladmir T.

My favorite ball all spot so far! We got a Groupon for 4 people and had a great time. The staff was friendly, good music and good prices. 2 separate fields were cool for variety but the one with the airplane and boat was our favorite. We will definitely come back again.


David D.

This place is great, I took a field trip with 10 teens to play some laser tag. They were extremely patient with getting 10 teens all paid and processed. Bree at the front is amazing. They even gave one of our special needs teens who forgot to bring money a free pass. On top of all that, they gave us 5 passes to see the new transformers movie and 3 extra games of laser tag. I will be coming back with more field trips for sure. Thank you guys again for being awesome and making sure my teens had an awesome day.

Conrad Chang

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. APC is a very fun place for airsoft. The community is also extremely fun and makes the experience that much more fun.

John Craig

Went with family, and had a great time. Staff was attentive, professional, and very down to earth. We did paintball this time around, which offers two decent size arenas. Nothing hardcore, which was good for my first time. Prices for ammo were fair. 2000 paintballs lasted a few hours for the four of us. Would recommend this place for first timers for sure.


Will Brinkerhoff

Staff was pleasant, patient, accommodating, and helpful. The entire group had fun and other than a few painful zingers came away smiling! Fun indoor arena good anytime.


Carmen Penn

The place is small but the staff and refs were awesome. Lots of fun. I’ll gladly come back for some quick rounds of indoor paintball.

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