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Compressed Air Tank Refills

CO2, Kegerator and Compressed Air Tank Refills at Phoenix

CO2, Kegerator and Compressed Air Tank Refills at our Phoenix Location

American Paintball Coliseum has everything needed to fulfill all of your compressed air and CO2 needs. We fill a large variety of different bottles for different purposes ranging from paintball & airsoft to kegerators and carbonators. Our prices for air fills are competitive and our friendly staff will be happy to help you with any and all questions that you may have about getting your air system up and running.

Paintball & Airsoft Air Fills

We cater to paintball & airsoft air needs by supporting all standard tank sizes and types within the industry. We can fill up to 3000psi compressed air tanks and all sizes of CO2 tanks. Our pro shop contains several different options for compressed air and CO2 along with all the pieces and parts to make your gear work. Pricing for air fills can be found here.

Some of the main differences between compressed air and CO2 for paintball include:


  • Compressed air gives you the option to purchase an all-day air pass
  • Compressed air is more consistent through your gun
  • Recommended for guns with electronics


  • Easier to fill at places besides paintball fields
  • Tanks are cheaper than compressed air
  • Recommended for beginners
  • More shots per fill

Hydro testing

If your tank is over five years old (sometimes newer depending on the type of tank) then you need to have your tank hydro tested. Bring it by to American Paintball Coliseum to renew your hydro test date for another 5 years to make sure that your air systems are safe from failure. Hydro Testing usually takes about a week and you will have another five years to use the tank without issue. For questions about hydro testing, please call us at (602) 275-5285.

Kegerators & Carbonators

Here at American Paintball Coliseum Phoenix, we have the ability to fill many different sized CO2 tanks that work with kegerators. We can fill up to 10 pounds worth of CO2 at the very affordable rate of $25. Five pound CO2 tanks can also be filled for $15. We do require that hydro test dates are valid and they will be checked before filling. Filling large tanks like these only take a few moments and you will be back home in no time ready to pour the first cold one!

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