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Paintball, Airsoft, and Laser Tag Frequently Asked Questions

Colorado Springs Paintball, Airsoft & Laser Tag FAQs

We have compiled a list of some of the most common questions asked when looking to have an event at American Paintball Coliseum. If we missed your questions in particular, we are open 7 days a week and encourage you to give us a call at (719) 597-4796 or send us an email at the bottom of this page.

Are reservations required or can we walk in and play?

We ask that if you need rental equipment for your group that you place reservations. This ensures that you and your whole group have the equipment necessary to have a great time. We have leftover equipment on most days so if you are planning to play paintball, airsoft, or laser tag on a spontaneously then we can still take care of you.

Are you open during the week?

American Paintball Coliseum is open 7 days a week. On weekdays, the store and fields open at 11am and close at 6pm. We will stay open until 8pm if there are groups scheduled. On Saturday we are open from 9am-8pm and on Sunday’s we are open from 11am-6pm.

What should we wear to play?

Since we offer paintball and airsoft which involve a projectile being shot from the marker, we recommend that players wear long sleeve shirts and pants with a light pair of gloves and close-toed shoes when coming out to play. These sports can sting when getting hit but covering the skin will go a long way in masking the impact of the paintball or airsoft paired with the amount of adrenaline you have.
Laser tag does NOT fire an actual projectile which means that we recommend players wear close-toed shoes.

Does it hurt to get hit by a paintball or a BB?

Part of what makes paintball and airsoft so exciting is that you have to duck and cover to avoid being hit! Honestly, when you do get it, most people feel a slight sting for a few seconds before it goes away. Getting hit may leave welt depending on where you got hit and how much protection you had on in that area. If a paintball or BB does draw a little blood, we help the player get band-aided up and keep playing.

Should I bring a change of clothes?

We recommend that for people playing paintball at our location in Colorado Springs, that you bring an extra set of clothes. The paintball goo does wash out however you want to make sure you have a layer for the car ride home.

Do you have food or are we allowed to bring in our own?

We have a snack bar at every American Paintball Coliseum facility that carries a variety of items including small snacks, hot dogs, drinks, pretzels, nachos and more. We also have the ability to order in pizza for your group. A unique thing about American Paintball Coliseum is that we also allow groups to bring in their own food and drink. Unfortunately, we cannot allow any alcohol into the building. If you are interested in finding out about after-hours party options, please send us an email to discuss in more detail.

Is there a waiver that we need to fill out?

Every player that steps on to the field will be required to fill out a waiver either on-site or on our website. Minors must be accompanied with at least one person over the age of 18 when checking in. Adults must accompany minors through check in even if the player has a valid online waiver. For specific questions about waivers, please call us at (719) 597-4796.

Are your rental guns good?

Our rental guns are built tough! Although they do not have any fancy modes on them, we select our rental equipment to work in your hands when you need it. Our paintball markers and airsoft rentals are semi-automatic and offer a fun playing experience without a lot of mechanical headaches. If your gun does seem to misfire when you come out to play, our field supervisors will switch it out quick so that you can keep playing.

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