Buy Paintball, Airsoft, & Laser Tag Gift Cards Online

Make Gift Shopping Easy - Buy Paintball, Airsoft, or Laser Tag Gift Cards Online!

Paintball, airsoft, and laser tag gift cards online.

American Paintball Coliseum gift cards are the easiest way to give the perfect sized holiday present. We offer gift cards that get each player everything they need to get on the field playing from double player gift cards to groups of 4 for paintball and everything in between. Our gift cards are customizable with whatever combination of options will suit you best. If you want something simple, dollar amounts like $20, $50 or even $100 are a great way to go!


2 Players = $60 (Saves you $30)

Includes 2 all day passes, 2 rentals and 500 paintballs

4 Players = $110 (Saves you $50)

Includes 4 all day passes, 4 rentals and 1000 paintballs

Get paintball gift cards online for American Paintball Coliseum

Paintball Gift Card

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1 Player = $45 (Normally $60)

Includes 1 all day pass, 1 rental and 2700 airsoft BB's

2 Players = $80 (Normally $110)

Includes 2 all day passes, 2 rentals and 2700 airsoft BB's

Get airsoft gift cards to play at American Paintball Coliseum

Airsoft Gift Card

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$25, $50, $100 Gift Cards

Good for gear, play or any thing else at you local American Paintball Coliseum Facility

Dollar Amount Gift Cards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! We offer gift cards that can combine entrances, rentals, and ammo for any of our activities but we also offer standard dollar amounts as well. Gift cards can be ordered online or over the phone at the location nearest you.

If I order online, how will I receive the gift card?

Gift card orders are processed through PayPal and are mailed out within the next 1-2 business days via USPS Certified mail service. Please prepare for mail deliveries to take 2-5 businesses days.

Can I order a gift card over the phone?

You may order a gift card over the phone by giving us a call at:
Denver - (303) 298-8573
We are happy to help you get the perfect gift to fit your needs.

Are gift cards available for pick up?

Gift card orders that are placed over the phone or in person can be accommodated to have in-store pick up arranged.

Can gift cards be used for other activities or goods you offer if they decide to switch?

Yes, however, there will be a direct dollar for dollar conversion without any promotional value attributed to the new activity or goods.

Are gift cards redeemable at all locations?

Yes, gift cards will work at any American Paintball Coliseum location.

Do your gift cards expire?

Gift cards never expire and can always be used at one of our facilities.

What mail service is used when shipping the gift card?

Gift cards use USPS Certified Mail. Because there is value being shipped through the mail this service DOES REQUIRE A SIGNATURE for delivery.

Do I need the gift card present to use it?

The gift card must be present at the time of use. The value on the gift card should be treated as cash. We do not have a way of voiding gift cards that are not present and cannot replace gift cards that have been lost.

Are there any blackout days?

There are not any blackout days for using your gift card. They are intended mostly to be used as gifts. We do ask that reservations are placed so that we can be most prepared for you and your group to arrive.


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