We offer both Indoor and Outdoor Airsoft Fields at our Denver, Colorado locations!

Come down to the only outdoor Colorado Airsoft field ! Our 65 acre outdoor field includes 13 fields that include cars and buses for long range cover and indoor scenarios for close quarters combat. All our fields can be used for Airsoft if you book in advance. Bring your gear or rent ours, bring your friends and have a blast.

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Outdoor Airsoft

A little information about Airsoft

Airsoft was invented in Japan in response to laws which forbid the possession of firearms.  While airsoft guns look almost identical to the more lethal variety of firearms, they are 100% legal in most countries.  The name “airsoft” stems from the way compressed air propels the BBs towards their target.

The activity itself is similar to paintball, as the goal in both activities is to shoot your opponents with nonlethal projectiles.  Unlike paintballs, which cake their targets in paint, airsoft pellets leave no visible marks (save for minor bruising, which is invisible through the camouflage players typically wear).  Consequently, players who have been hit must be upfront about it, unless they want to be labeled cheaters.

And even though the pellets are made of plastic, they can still do some damage, so it’s extremely important to wear protective airsoft gear.  Goggles and masks are the most common form of protection, with the latter obviously offering more protection than the former.  But players who just want to wear goggles should consider purchasing an anti-fog spray to ensure complete visibility.   Otherwise, players (especially those who wear glasses) should look into masks with protective mesh screens which allow sufficient air flow.  Regardless of your situation, make sure you take the time to research quality airsoft gear before heading out to the field.

So, now that you know what to look for in terms of gear, let’s talk about the advantages of the game itself.  As with any activity that requires coordination with multiple people, playing airsoft is a great way to make friends and build teamwork.  Depending on the scenario, players may need to scout out the best route to capture the flag or assign specific players to be snipers.  Coming to an agreement about which role each team member should play is crucial to the team’s success.

Another advantage of playing airsoft is exercise.  Speedy guerilla-style skirmishes are as exciting as they are frantic and are a surefire way to stay fit.  Of course, players who prefer lengthy stealth-based battles which test their patience and endurance won’t burn as many calories, but they’ll have a blast all the same.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, healthy activity where you can make friends and experience the thrill of combat, consider finding an airsoft organization near you.  Most players will be happy to teach you the basics, so that before you know it, you’ll be picking off targets with the best of them.