Host the Best Corporate Events and Team Building Activities in Denver, CO at American Paintball Coliseum!

Corporate and Team Building Events In Denver

Treat your team to some fun by getting behind the trigger for your special event this season. 

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Corporate Event Details:

  • Activities for all skill levels
  • Games include Paintballs, Airsoft, Laser Tag, & Virtual Reality Arcade too!
  • Convenient location around Denver
  • Different types of activities to suit everybody from beginner to advanced
  • All day field passes
  • No hassle equipment rental on site
  • After hours party options available
  • Snack bar for refreshments
  • Pizza delivery by request
  • Private room to have catering brought in for your event
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff to direct organized games
  • Accommodations for small or large groups
  • No charge for spectators
  • Group Pricing and special offers for large groups
  • Group sizes 10 - 300


Setting up an corporate event at American Paintball Coliseum is easy and fast. In no time at all, you will be set and ready to have a great time! Fill out the form below to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon arrival, your group will be only minutes away from stepping on the playing fields. After receiving a full safety orientation, our field supervisors will lead you to the fields and through your event. Safety and customer service are our #1 priority to make sure everyone has as much fun as possible!

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It is not necessary to own all of your own equipment to play at American Paintball Coliseum. We have rental equipment available with reservations to accommodate groups of all kinds, large and small. Our rental equipment includes:

  • Rental gun (Either paintball gun, airsoft gun, or laser tag depending on activity)
  • Mask that protects the ears, eyes and jaw for paintball & airsoft
  • Air or batteries to power the paintball & airsoft guns

It is recommended to wear protective clothing when playing paintball & airsoft. Generally, a hooded jacket and baggy pants works best with a light pair of gloves. If you forgot your stuff at home when you arrive, our store is fully stocked and ready for sale with items such as:

  • Chest protectors
  • Hardshell gloves
  • Upgraded masks
  • Upgraded guns
  • Neck protectors
  • Coveralls
  • Pants
  • Jerseys

Other than that, it is just recommended to bring a change of cloths and any personal items that you need with you. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to bring or wear jewelry, watches, phones, etc. onto the fields.

Why Choose APC for Team Building and Corporate Events?

Your team has been working hard all year long and now it is time that you give them an experience they will never forget. The only question is, what should you go do, and where will it be held? We have your answer.

American Paintball Coliseum brings a new flavor into the regular office conversation by offering afternoons jam packed with fun and excitement for everyone! Our indoor paintball, airsoft and laser tag fields are a great venue for bringing people together and making memories that will last forever.

All of the activities offered at American Paintball Coliseum help build communication, teamwork, and leadership while giving people of all ages a dynamic and adventurous activity to participate in together. These traits make it the perfect family-friendly event for your company that will relieve stress in the office and re-energize your teammates.

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