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There is nothing that beats the thrill of playing laser tag at American Paintball Coliseum in Denver, Colorado! Laser tag events at American Paintball Coliseum are, hands down, the most unique, exciting and action packed way to make great memories with family, friends and co-workers! Our lightweight laser tag guns are the best way have an incredible laser tag experience on the coolest fields in Denver. Want to have an amazing time?

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Family playing laser tag at our Denver Colorado arena


Laser tag is the perfect option for any event such as birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties and even corporate events! A common laser tag party includes 5 games that range in style from elimination and capture the flag to free for all and more. Each game is generally 5 minutes long which is the perfect time to run around pulling the trigger. Most times, a laser tag group should expect to be at the facility for an hour and a half to two hours in order to complete all five games. In between laser tag games, players are welcome to watch other laser tag/airsoft games happening or grab something to eat or drink at our snack bar.


Mom and Kids at laser tag birthday party

Regular pricing for laser tag starts at only $20 per player!

Are you hosting a birthday party? American Paintball Coliseum offers a great birthday party package for kids birthday parties which includes:

  • 5 laser tag games + 2 bonus games per player!
  • 2 slices of pizza per player
  • 1 soda from our snack bar per player
  • 1 cupcake per player

This is the perfect option for fast and easy birthday planning. This type of party requires 6 or more players and is $35 per player.

For large groups (20+ players) that want to come play laser tag, we ask that you contact us about special group pricing for the best possible deal on coming out to play.

We also offer several add ons to enhance your party experience! For more information on add ons such as goodie bags, party rooms, and t-shirts click here.



Laser tag parties at American Paintball Coliseum are simple and easy! There are no chest plates, heavy guns, or confusing instructions about our equipment. We are the only laser tag arena in Denver, Colorado to use mock up paintball guns from Icombat that run our games. Our guns are light, simple and user friendly so that everyone can focus more on playing rather than dealing with faulty equipment. It’s easy to see why American Paintball Coliseum is the #1 place to have your laser tag party in Denver!


Laser tag is the perfect activity for everyone and just about anyone can play! Generally, laser tag is suitable for ages 6+. Players of all kinds can play together without fear of getting hit with a paintball or BB. Laser tag is completely painless and is a great way to have adults and kids play together in a common activity that is interactive and fun! Laser tag is also a popular activity for groups that prefer to stay clean and not have paint all over them when they are done. Waivers are required for players to play laser tag and minors must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.

Group of lots of kids having a Laser Tag Birthday Party at our Denver location


Reservations are required for groups that require equipment and/or food. There is a $5 deposit per player that is taken to hold the laser tag guns for your group. The deposit can be used towards the total of the sale at the time of the event. Reservations for laser tag parties can be placed here or your can call us at (303) 298-8573 and our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to help you.


American Paintball Coliseum has everything you need to make your event special that everyone will remember for years to come. Laser tag parties at our facilities are unique, action packed, and exciting for everyone! To make reservations for your laser tag party at American Paintball Coliseum, click here or give us a call at (303) 298-8573 and be ready to attend the best event of the year!


 About Laser Tag


Kid playing indoor laser tag in our Denver arena


Laser tag is not just for the kids anymore. Its complementary mix of physical elements and team play make it an excellent option for team-building, developing strategy skills and also as a way to get fun exercise without the boredom of going to the gym. Increasingly, corporations are looking at laser tag to support departments in a number of different ways. A joint study by the University of Minnesota and the University of Memphis, found that computer-assisted activities such as laser tag can actually help to promote and motivate organizational learning.

Studies have also shown that “corporate laser tag” has the following benefits:

● Relieves work-related stress

● Allows individuals to get to know one another in a non-formal setting

● Allows everyone to showcase their leadership abilities

● Promotes camaraderie within the group

● Creates an environment for creative thinking and problem solving

● Breaks down hierarchical (manager/employee) barriers

● It doesn’t feel ‘corporate’ and encourages participation because it is fun

Additionally, laser tag is one of the most cost-effective team-building exercises available, and is a much more practical option when compared to pricey corporate retreats and conference center-based training sessions. Because of its popularity as a team-building activity, we now offer special deals and pricing for our corporate clientele.

Aside from the team-building aspect of laser tag, it is also an excellent form of exercise for both children and adults. For children especially, it not only burns calories, but also helps develop hand-eye coordination along with building social skills. Adults can also benefit from the running, high-intensity action of laser tag, which is a welcome alternative to working out at the gym.

The game and challenge aspect of laser tag acts as a motivator for exercise and movement which can be particularly helpful for individuals not interested in traditional sports. A recent study by students at the Canadian Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario supports this claim, and further elaborates that for those currently leading a more sedentary lifestyle, augmented reality games – such as laser tag – act as a valid and successful form of exercise!

Come down and check it out, you will be amazed how much fun it is! We are located just off of I-70 and Dahlia in Denver Colorado!