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There is no better option than to host your group activity event at American Paintball Coliseum. Whatever the occasion may be, we have something for everyone! Never before has a combination of fun and excitement been offered all under one roof! We host the best paintball, airsoft or laser tag group activities in Denver, Colorado. If you want to give your group an experience they will talk about for months and remember for a lifetime, book your party now at American Paintball Coliseum!

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What group activities are offered?

American Paintball Coliseum offers three amazing activities all under one roof. Each activity can incorporate any amount of players and we are experts in handling larger groups. Whether you come in with 2 players or 200 players, our 50,000 square foot indoor facility or 65-acre outdoor facility has something for everyone!

  • Paintball (Ages 10+ recommended) – There is nothing better than the feeling of starting your first paintball game! Matched with your team, you dodge and dive to avoid getting hit with a ball full of paint while sending your own down range. We have two paintball fields at our indoor facility in Denver and seven others at our outdoor location in Brighton that are littered with cars, buses, airplanes, houses and more to hide behind. This is the ultimate experience for anyone that is looking for an exciting and new group activity!
  • Laser Tag (Ages 6+ recommended) – Some players, particularly younger kids, may find Airsoft Group Activites and Partiespaintballing intimidating and that is okay! American Paintball Coliseum also offers laser tag that is a NO PAIN and NO MESS option to be able to pull the trigger. Our unique laser tag system gives each player the feel and sound of a paintball gun without the fear of getting hit or ruining nice clothes. This is a great option for groups that have a mix of players and ages. Laser tag is only held at our indoor facility in Denver, Colorado.
  • Airsoft (Ages 10+ recommended) – If you are looking for a group activity that is more intense than laser tag but doesn’t include the mess of paintball then we also offer airsoft! Airsoft uses plastic 6mm BB’s for gameplay very similar to paintball. Because there is no paint involved, you can run around and still shoot at each other and walk out just as clean as you walked in. Airsoft is also offered at our outdoor fields in Brighton so you can have fun in the sun!

Do you offer group pricing?

Group pricing for paintball & airsoft starts at 10 or more players present at check-in. For groups of players over 10 people, we discount rental equipment by $5. For complete pricing, please visit our pricing page found here.

For large groups (25 or more players) we ask that you contact us by email on our contact us page or call us at (303) 298-8573 with a few specifics on your group and we will be happy to carry a conversation further.

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Do we need reservations?

We do ask that reservations are placed at least 24 hours in advance for paintball, airsoft and laser tag so that our staff can be ready to fully accommodate your group. When making a reservation, we ask for a $5 per player deposit that is taken off the total sale when your group arrives to play or is refunded to the individual.

Reservations can be made by calling our friendly and helpful staff at (303) 298-8573 or by placing them online here.

Have you reserved your spot yet?

If you want to give special people the ultimate group activity then there is no better option than American Paintball Coliseum! We are focused on customer service and safety while creating fun, unique and exciting memories that will last a lifetime! American Paintball Coliseum has been in business for 15 years because we provide the ability to create incredible memories with incredible people. Why wait? Create your own memories today!

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