Lock ‘N Load this October for the best live-action haunted house in Denver, Colorado!

Extinction Haunted House In Denver ColoradoSupplies are low – there is no choice. You and your group of survivors need to pack your things to move out into the wasteland. Do you have what it takes to shoot your way to salvation? Will you make it out alive? The only way to find out is by testing your skills in the newest live action horror attraction in Denver, Colorado! The Extinction is waiting for you…

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What is Extinction Haunted House?

Extinction haunt is the newest live-action haunted house in Denver, Colorado that gives unique and unforgettable memories every time through! Extinction haunted house is the only place where you can defend yourself while shooting airsoft BBs at end-of-the-world monsters and zombies this haunted season!

Watch the video at the bottom of this page to get a sneak peek into the Extinction!

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Haunted House Dates and Times 2017 Season

Open weekends through Halloween 8pm-12am

Extinction Haunted House Dates 2017

Extinction live action haunted house features:

  • Indoor & heated waiting line
  • Warm beverages available for sale while you wait
  • Guided tour through 15 interactive rooms
  • Urban, post-apocalyptic theme
  • Live action experience shooting airsoft BB’s at monsters
  • Rental equipment (Gun, Goggles, and BB’s) included
  • Snacks bar for treats and snacks
  • Affordable ticket price
  • Central Denver location
  • Suitable for ages 10+

What is a live-action Haunted House?

You and a group of 4-6 survivors work your way through a unique, post-apocalyptic landscape shooting actual BB’s at raiders, ghouls, and everything else that lurks in the wasteland. Each member in your group of survivors is given an airsoft gun as their weapon and a full magazine. Your group is then guided through the different levels of Extinction shooting anything that moves along the way. It is your job to take out any and all threats that try to attack the group. Keep your finger on the trigger and eye down the sights. Do you have what it takes to shoot your way out?

Extinction Live Auction Haunted House in Denver Coming Soon

When and where is it happening?

The Extinction live-action haunted house is open weekends through October 2017 and will be running every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 8 pm to midnight. For official dates and times as well as FAQ, visit here.

Extinction haunted house takes place in the same building as American Paintball Coliseum – indoor airsoft, paintball and laser tag location. For official directions and addresses, please check here.

How can I save some money on extinction haunted house tickets?

Want to save $5 off your ticket into the Extinction? Of course, you do! Sign up below and you will receive a $5 off voucher that will let you experience all the terror of Extinction live-action haunted house for ONLY $20! Buy tickets online to guarantee your spot at the first ever live action horror game: Extinction. Save money AND experience the coolest haunted house in Denver this season by signing up now!

How can I buy tickets?

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So, you want to try and see if you can make it through? General admission tickets cost $25 but don’t forget to SAVE $5 BY SIGNING UP! A full list of pricing and pricing options can be found on the official Extinction website here.