Got Tactics? If not you need one of our Denver Tactical Training sessions!

Do you need some extra training to take your tactical skills over the top? Many people think that tactics are a complex language that only authorized personnel are allowed to know. This couldn’t be further from the truth. How do you properly clear a room? What angles should you be watching when you friends are moving? What is the secret to mastering full team communication?  The answers to these questions are important not only to law enforcement and military personnel but also to everyday people like you and I. After the recent opening of American Paintball Coliseum’s indoor Airsoft field, it is now possible to learn, run drills, and train for tactical situations that resemble real life scenarios! Learning basic tactics could mean the difference between life or death not only on the field but potentially in real life. This also give a chance for teams to work out communication flaws and become a unit rather than a group of armed people.For those involved in military or law enforcement, these fields are perfect to hone your skills in order to be ready for when it really matters.

With the ability to practice with airsoft, there is not a giant hopper in your way or a mask keeping you from using your sights properly like in paintball. Airsoft gives players the ability to use scale and weight replicas of real weapons making the training session that much more realistic. When you life is on the line there is no substitution. This will be closest you can get without real bullets flying at your face. Mission based scenarios can also be set up to force individuals or teams to complete set objectives. American Paintball Coliseum will soon offer a variety of rental options from CO2 blowback pistols (which allows for recoil), M16 replicas, and even shotguns. Your whole team can be armed exactly as they are in real life once again bringing your tactics training to the next level. If you or someone you know is interested in a tactical training session, please call to set up a reservation at (303)-298-8573. Why wait? Proper training now can save you from a sticky situation in the future. Stay safe.