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What Brands are In Our Store?

  • Elite Force
  • Valken
  • Colt
  • Dan Wesson
  • H&K
  • Glock
  • Condor
  • Voodoo
  • Tippmann
  • Beretta
  • Walther
  • ICS
  • Thompson
  • FN
  • Airsoft Innovations
  • ASG
  • Palco
  • And many more!

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Types of Gear At American Paintball Coliseum


  • Helmets
  • Sniper Veil
  • Protective eyewear
  • Metal mesh jaw protection
  • Tactical clothing
  • Chest Rigs
  • Molle Attachments
  • Gloves
  • Patches
  • Slings
  • Airsoft Guns
  • Airsoft Pistols
  • Airsoft Accessories

What pieces do I need to make a beginner airsoft setup?

If you are new to playing airsoft and are looking for getting your first loadout there is a lot of information that may seem confusing or overwhelming to figure out what you may need. Here is a quick overview of pieces that make a good beginner airsoft gun setup.

Eye Protection

Before thinking about which cool airsoft gun you want to get, we recommend that you pay some attention to what protection is covering your eyes first. Your eye protection for airsoft should have an ANSI rating of z87+ marked on the lense to ensure your eyes are protected when playing. All of the shooting glasses and eye protection in our store will be okay to play airsoft with.
Jaw Protection
If you decide not to use a full face mask while playing airsoft, we recommend hard plastic or metal mesh jaw protection while playing airsoft paired with properly rated eyewear. Metal mesh jaw protection helps prevent nasty hits and is all around a good idea to have in your gearbag.

Airsoft Gun

After taking care of making sure your face protection is correct, it is time to look for your airsoft gun! When looking at airsoft guns at American Paintball Coliseum, our staff will explain your options and pros and cons of the guns that you find interesting. We let you hold the airsoft guns to make sure that you get the right feel everytime. We have airsoft guns that are great for outdoor play, CQB and everything in between. Most airsoft guns include a single magazine in the box that will help get you started

Batteries & Chargers

Most airsoft guns do not come with a battery. This is mainly because there are a lot of different options that make your airsoft gun perform in different ways. Out staff will be able to help recommend a battery that will work with your new airsoft gun. There are standard types of batteries that we carry at our stores such as NiMH and LiPo batteries.

Do you offer repair services for airsoft guns?

Our store provides repair service for airsoft guns. Depending on what is wrong with your gun, we will be able to take a look at it and recommend the best course of action to get you back on the field as soon as possible. Generally, our tech repair service takes up to 2 weeks to receive parts and do the work. We have experience in working with airsoft guns and airsoft pistols. Tech repair services start at $35/hour plus any parts that may be needed. Contact us today if you need help getting your gear back in working order!

Airsoft Barrel Bag

What is a barrel bag?

A barrel bag for airsoft is a safety feature that extends from the roots of safe paintball play. We require all airsoft guns that are played with at American Paintball Coliseum have a barrel bag on while not in use. The barrel bag is a piece of canvas that has elastic straps to secure it to the front of the barrel so that, in the case of an accident, the BB gets caught in the barrel bag. Barrel bags can be purchased at our airsoft store for only $6 and you are able to keep it. It is a good idea to keep a barrel bag on the end of the barrel at all times when not ready to shoot your airsoft gun.

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