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Take advantage of our Paintball and Airsoft Gun & Equipment Repair at our Colorado Springs Facility!

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Even if your equipment is in good condition, we also provide general cleanings. If your gun still works but you would like to “make sure it shoots strait” before heading to the field, we will get our fingers in there for a cleaning and refurbishment. Tech repair for paintball and airsoft guns at American Paintball Coliseum generally takes up to two weeks for parts to get ordered and install if needed.

If your gun needs parts along the way, we can help there as well! We are a distributor of all major paintball and airsoft brands which means that we can get parts for almost all guns! If there is something broken in your equipment that we do not have in stock we will contact you to make sure you would like to order the part.

We have fixed thousands of paintball markers and airsoft guns over the years! Trust the experts with all those tiny pieces. American Paintball Coliseum is the repair shop for you!

Clean and refurb includes:

  • Replacing broken or damaged O rings
  • Making sure that there are no air leaks
  • Making sure paintball gun and airsoft gun cycles properly
    Shooting does not stutter or skip
  • Clean dirt, grime and old grease from parts
  • Re-lubing the gun for optimal performance
  • Chronos and shoots properly for use

Tech Repair Pricing

Paintball Tech repair
Starts at $25 per hour + parts

Airsoft tech Repair
Starts at $35/hour + parts

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