A Crash Course in Axe Throwing Etiquette

Axe throwing is seeing its moment in the spotlight, and we’re here for it. Whether you’re brand new or an axe throwing expert, it’s always nice to review proper etiquette, so you’re ready to have a safe, enjoyable time when you visit. Let’s go over some ways you can make sure your axe throwing experience is fun and memorable here at American Paintball Coliseum.

Dress Appropriately and Use Safety Precautions 👕

When you’re planning an axe throwing excursion, it’s best to dress appropriately. Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely, and make sure you’re wearing comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Our experts on-site will ensure that you’ve got the right protective gear, and proper coaching before you begin. Before throwing the axe, make sure the area is clean, and there’s nothing in the way between you and the target. Hold the axe correctly, and ask one of our staff members if you need a few tips on throwing techniques.

Most importantly, never cross the red foot fault line unless you are retrieving your axe. In fact, you’ll get a penalty for crossing the line during a throw. This rule is to make sure everyone’s safe and the game is fair.

Respect Other Players 🫡

Respect goes a long way in making sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time while axe throwing. In fact, it means more than just good sportsmanship. Respecting your teammates and others at the venue also ensures that everyone is safe while throwing axes. Take turns with your teammates and give the axe thrower plenty of space when it’s their turn. We always encourage enthusiasm, and we love it when visitors cheer for their teammates, but make sure it’s done at the right time (when they’re finished throwing) and at an appropriate volume level. You don’t want to distract other visitors while they’re trying to throw! Not only can it disrupt their focus — it can also lead to dangerous consequences. Make sure you consider other players while you’re cheering for your friends and teammates.

Use Proper Axe Throwing Techniques 🪓

If you’ve never thrown an axe — don’t worry! We’ve got staff members who are properly trained and eager to help you on your way toward becoming an axe-throwing legend. To begin, grip the axe handle with both hands and bring it directly over your head. Step forward, swing the axe over your head, and release it when the axe is eye level. With a little practice, you’ll be hitting the bullseye in no time.

It’s important to follow the correct axe throwing rules and techniques in order to keep yourself and others safe. When you arrive, we’ll go over the facility’s safety rules and axe throwing techniques, so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time. If you ever have questions or need extra help with your technique, we’re happy to offer advice.

Drink Responsibly 🍺

Axe throwing requires a lot of focus, especially if you want to hit that bullseye. Alcohol can muddle your senses, making play more difficult and at risk of being unsafe. Axe blades are very sharp, and throwing them requires focus, skill, and athleticism. If players drink too much, they put themselves at risk of injury, and risk hurting their teammates. That’s why it’s important to drink responsibly while throwing axes. Here, at American Paintball Coliseum, we don’t serve alcohol, because safety and fun are our #1 priorities.

Visit American Paintball Coliseum For Your Next Axe Throwing Event 🥳

Now that you’ve had a crash course in proper axe throwing etiquette, you’re ready to try your hand at axe throwing. Visit American Paintball Coliseum to have a great time with friends and family and enjoy a fun night of axe throwing that you’ll never forget.

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