American Paintball Coliseum is the New ICS Airsoft Guns Distributer!

ICS Airsoft BrandAfter returning from Shot Show 2016 in Las Vegas, American Paintball Coliseum is the newest official distributer of all ICS airsoft products! ICS airsoft guns and gear will be arriving in our airsoft store coming April of 2016. Be sure to check out all the new equipment by visiting our airsoft store in either Denver, Colorado or Phoenix, Arizona. ICS rifles retail between $130 and $300 in our airsoft store with various features and models to choose from. If you are ready to upgrade your airsoft gun or get something new, ICS at APC is the answer!

Built on the principle of “high innovation, high efficiency, and high quality”, ICS is a top level airsoft and replica gun manufacturer that is respected worldwide for their innovative AEG rifle designs/gearboxes, customer service and reliability. For over 20 years, ICS has produced high quality airsoft AEG rifles shipping from Taiwan around the world. They have continued to be a major player in the airsoft replica rifle industry by holding themselves to the highest production standards in airsoft. A focus on quality is important because, in airsoft, a good quality AEG airsoft gun will makes the difference between a wonderful and terrible playing experience.

ICS CXP15 Camo Airsoft Rifle

ICS firmly stands behind their products and present themselves with the highest level of professionalism. Their AEG airsoft rifles and are most popular in Europe, Asia and the United States and American Paintball Coliseum is excited to be a new partner in bringing these special products to our customers throughout the major Denver and Phoenix areas!

This means that both our Phoenix and Denver locations will be fully stocked with ICS airsoft guns and accessories coming April 2016! Thousands of dollars of equipment ranging from rifles, grenade launchers, and accessories will be filling the shelves at our airsoft stores very soon.

ICS Airsoft Guns For Sale

Due to the high attention to detail and quality that ICS puts out, American Paintball Coliseum has also ordered a fleet of rental airsoft guns designed and built specifically to withstand the abuse of rental play with the consistency of a personal rifle. The new ICS airsoft rentals for American Paintball Coliseum will feature an all metal body and reliable split gearbox design that only ICS can deliver. New rentals from ICS are the best addition in providing a great airsoft experience for all that come to play at American Paintball Coliseum!
For more information about ICS products coming to our airsoft stores in Denver and Phoenix, please give us a call or reach out with an email. Whether you are looking to buy your first beginner airsoft gun or looking to upgrade your current setup, American paintball Coliseum is your one stop airsoft store that will have all the equipment you need. APC is proud to be carrying ICS products and we look towards growing the airsoft community in the future, together.


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