Axe Throwing – FAQs

Axe Throwing Frequently Asked Questions

Axe Throwing FAQs

Is Axe Throwing Difficult?

Throwing an axe is not difficult but the activity does take some technique to consistently stick your axe into the target. Experience is the best teacher. After a quick lesson from the range master most people can enjoy the sport of axe throwing. For kids sometimes the axe can be heavy. Throwing stars are a great alternative if throwers find the axe to be too much to handle.

Is Axe Throwing A Good Workout?

Axe throwing is a mild activity that takes concentration and focus. Common muscles that get worked out are those in the shoulders and the legs/hips region.

How Do I Throw An Axe Properly?

There are two main techniques when it comes to throwing axes; the one hand or double handed throw. It all comes down to what is most comfortable to the person. Both techniques include taking a step towards the target and then letting the axe slip out of your hand (in the right direction of course) to rotate its way to the target. Take in to account the distance you are from the target to get the axe to land with blade facing the wood. The major difference between throwing axes with one or two hands is that a double handed throw starts by pulling the axe over your head versus over the shoulder.

What To Know Before Going Axe Throwing

First time throwers should come prepared with a good pair of shoes and a fun attitude to learn something new. Axe throwing can last for a couple of hours. Be comfortable while throwing axes will improve your experience and accuracy.

What Muscles Do You Use When Axe Throwing?

The muscles in the shoulders and arms are used to propel the axe to the target. Generally throwing axes weigh between 3-5 pounds. A forward step is taken to help give the throw momentum.

What Is The Proper Distance For Throwing Axes?

The axe throwing distance most commonly used is between 12 and 15 feet away from the target.

What Are The Different Axe Types?

You can throw any axe! The most common types to use in an axe throwing activity are designated throwing axes, hatchets, tomahawks and full size axes.



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