Colorado Springs – Pricing



  • 15 for all day field entry fee
  • 20 for rental equipment. Includes Gun, mask & all day air (if needed)
  • 20 for 500 paintballs
  • 65 for 2000 paintballs to share with your group
  • 25 for all day entry fee and rentals for groups of 10 or more

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  • 20 entrance pass for 4-hours per player
  • 30 all-day field entrance pass (Choose option)
  • 20 Pistol equipment rental. Includes pistol, mask, and all day CO2
  • 35 Rifle equipment rental. Includes rifle rental, mask, and all day batteries (Choose option)
  • 9 for 2700 BB’s
  • 15 for 5000 BB’s

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  • 22 per player. Includes six (6) games lasting five (5) minutes each

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  • 25 One hour session. Per player
  • 40 Two hour session. Per player

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  • 1 per 1000 PSI
  • 5 all day air pass
  • 8 for all day air + 48ci tank rental
  • 21 for 5 pound CO2

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Birthday parties or groups

Please call (719) 597-4796 for birthday party packages or for group pricing information. We are better able to understand and meet your needs if we speak with you on the phone. Birthday parties arrangements can be made for groups with 6 or more players.

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American Paintball Coliseum implements a cash discount program for paying with cash or check payments. All credit transactions will have a 3.99% service fee. Thank you for playing with us!

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