Consider Axe Throwing For Your Next Big Event

Are you tired of going to office outings and birthday parties out of obligation? Do you dread potlucks, mixers, and dinner parties? Instead, consider axe throwing for your next event! It’s  fun, active, and makes amazing memories. Bring people together over a little friendly competition. Let’s look at some of the best ways to celebrate in style with axe throwing. 

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties 👰‍♀️

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are notorious for getting soon-to-be’s in trouble right before they say “I do.” If you’re looking to have clean fun with your friends, take them axe throwing instead. Get the guys or girls together to throw  axes before the big day. Take advantage of unique photo opportunities with your friends while you play.. For an even better time, throw a combined party and make it an epic battle of the genders. Axe Throwing is a great way to include members of your wedding party who are under 21, since most bachelorette and bachelor parties revolve around alcohol.

Company Outings 🏞️

You see your coworkers five days a week. The last thing anybody wants is another company potluck party with dreary decor and uncomfortable conversation. As an alternative, organize an axe throwing night and see your coworkers in a new light. When the atmosphere is lively people come out of their shells and allow themselves to have a good time. Best of all, you can focus on the game at hand instead of making small talk. Your coworkers will be talking about the company axe throwing night for months to come.

Birthday Parties 🎂

As kids become tweens and teens, birthday parties become more difficult to plan. What do you do for them? Pizza parties and bounce houses don’t fit the bill anymore.  A creative way to think outside the box is to go axe throwing! What’s cooler than inviting your friends out to throw  axes as you celebrate your birthday? Adult birthday parties are often overlooked, as well, but that’s just not fair. No matter if you’re 14 or 99, axe throwing can be the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. 

Team Building Events 👏

Team building activities are an important part of creating a cohesive group, but they’re not always regarded as a good time. Most people dread ice breakers that leave them feeling uncomfortable. Instead, consider an activity that’s fun while allowing everyone to maintain self-respect. If you’re in charge of scheduling team building events, you know how hard it is to find budget-friendly fun for the whole team that is exciting. Axe throwing is the perfect way to bring people together with a little friendly competition. Venues often have unique games to play to help build strong team bonds.

Unique Sales Opportunities 📈

You can take a potential client out for a nice dinner to discuss business but that’s boring. Having a variety of activities in mind is much more interestingand axe throwing should be  in your repertoire.  It’s a great way to keep it casual and still be able to discuss important topics. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make your biggest business deal while throwing axes!

We’re here to make each event memorable and fun for any event you have coming up. When you’re looking for your next event, consider making it an axe throwing party contact us at American Paintball Coliseum.

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