Drills For Kills | The Best Way to Play Better Paintball

What is Drills For Kills?

As winter starts to set in, the outdoor fields for tournament play will be open weather dependent based on temperature and conditions week by week.

Throughout the year but especially in the winter, all APC indoor field locations host our newly created drills for kills program.

This is an opportunity to focus on individual player development for the upcoming paintball season.


Drills for kills is hosted all day on Thursdays and the indoor field is open from 11am – 8pm (Final games at 7:30).

We have a set of targets that live on the field with metal or plastic. They can be moved around by you on the field to get the shot you want.

The Deal

$10/bag of 500 paintballs. Max limit: 2 bags/player

Who’s Invited?

Everyone is able to play drills for kills. In fact, participating is a great way for single players to network with others that currently play on teams for recruitment.

This is a fantastic way for new players to become part of the paintball community and we encourage you to bring a friend.

What Drills Should I Do?

Just like being at the gym without a plan, showing up to the paintball field without knowing what drills to do can be discouraging. Luckily for you, we made a handful of videos showcasing different drills that are easy to do with only one player and do not need a large amount of paintballs.

These drills help train many aspects of the game like snapshooting, running and gunning, accuracy, and reloading.

Check out our youtube channel here (and give it a subscribe if you want more APC) if you need drill to do at the field.

“This program serves as the best kind of paintball workout.”

Social Media

We encourage players to post their progress while doing your drills. If you tag APC on instagram or facebook we are very friendly with reposting and love to see players doing their thing. Please keep posts positive. They do get reviewed.


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