Looking for Fun Things to Do This Summer for Kids in Denver?

Summer is here, and that means kids in Denver and the rest of the country are out of school and looking for something to do. That can mean spending time at the beach, going on a family road trip or just sitting around enjoying being out of school. However, if you’re looking for something really fun and different for your kids, the American Paintball Coliseum in Denver has plenty of options available.

The American Paintball Coliseum is Colorado’s paintball leader when it comes to birthday parties, youth group outings or just fun afternoons of playing paintball, airsoft or laser tag. The American Paintball Coliseum’s indoor paintball and laser tag field is conveniently located in Denver, while its outdoor field for paintball and airsoft is located in Brighton, Colorado. The outdoor field offers 13 different playing fields over 65 acres, making it the largest outdoor paintball and airsoft field in the Midwest.

Paintball and Laser Tag

For the uninitiated, paintball is a game in which players shoot each other with compressed air guns that shoot paint pellets. The pellets burst on impact, marking those who have been shot and eliminated from the game. For those who would rather play a safer game, laser tag has the players shooting each other with harmless lasers. The players wear harnesses that light up and vibrate when they are “tagged.” It’s a great alternative for younger children or those who want to avoid the sting of being shot by paintballs.


Airsoft has really grown in popularity over the last few years with children and adults, and the American Paintball Coliseum has the only outdoor airsoft field in Colorado. Airsoft is similar to paintball in that players shoot at each other with projectiles. The main difference is that airsoft guns shoot tiny plastic BBs that don’t leave marks on clothing. There also is a larger variety of guns, making airsoft a popular hobby with those who enjoy customization and variety.

The American Paintball Coliseum allows younger kids to play on their airsoft field, giving them a safe, fun game that can foster teamwork for adults and children alike.

If you are looking for a fun indoor or outdoor activity to do with your kids this summer in Denver, check out the American Paintball Coliseum. Whether you are organizing a birthday party or you are just looking for something fun and different to do one afternoon, this will be something your kids won’t soon forget.

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