Paintball & Airsoft Buyers Guide – 2021

Paintball & Airsoft Buyers Guide – 2021

The holidays are right around the corner so we thought it would be a good idea to put together this years 2021 Paintball & Airsoft buyers guide. 

We considered items from all the major brands. These are the items we think make special gifts for the beginner to mid-level player looking to up their game. Each of these picks were based on durability, value, and style from what we see on the field and from running a store.

And NOW! Let’s jump in to the good stuff 👇

Paintball Gear Picks

Tippmann Cronus


This paintball gun is a great starting point for players that want to move into their own equipment. This model combines 20+ years of Tippmann-like durability and longevity into an economical beginner player option. Pair this with a 20 ounce CO2 tank and a basic gravity fed hopper and you are ready to play. This paintball gun comes in a basic and tactical version. The tactical version offers rear stock, barrel shroud and foregrip. 

Gel Blasters

Gel Blaster Pistol

New on the scene are Gel Blasters! Simply hydrate the gels to their full size, load up and play. Virtually no clean up so a perfect gift for playing around the house for ages 6+. Includes everything needed to play in the box including a color change to team blue and safety glasses. Gel Blasters are a great way for younger kids to get introduced to the fun of paintball.

Compressed Air Tank

Black paintball compressed air tank

Compressed air is a great way to take your game to the next level. Having a compressed air tank will make your shot more consistent for better accuracy and getting the most out of your paintball gun. They are commonly cheap to fill at most full-service paintball fields.

Empire Mini GS

Black empire mini GS paintball gun

If you want the best performance on the field at a mid-level price range the Empire Mini is our classic go-to paintball gun. Compact & accurate this gun will keep you on the field to help hone your skills. Shoot at competition speeds or just be sure you have the best gun out of your buddies!

Paintball Goggles

Showcase of a Dye i4 and Empire EVS set of paintball goggles

Getting a good paintball mask is often our advice to players getting new gear. Paintball goggles have a large variety of profiles for a perfect fit on any face shape. Better goggles allow for anti-fog protection and excellent comfort.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Display of HK Army blue crash elbow pads and set of knee pads

Paintball pads encourage bounces and offer protection from the playing field or surface. Add to your gear bag and play harder by getting a set to protect your joints. These style of pads are meant to be worn close to the skin without cutting off circulation. If sized correctly you will feel like you are putting on a set of armor before heading to the field.

Airsoft Gear Picks

Face Protection

Airsoft goggles and metal mesh mask for face protection

These are the most important pieces of gear in Airsoft! Face protection protects all the important areas around the face and head. There are a variety of styles out there but we recommend a full-seal option along with a metal mesh cover for your jaw and mouth. This combo is comfortable, functional and a great gift for any airsoft player.

Plate Carrier

Green and tan tactical plate carrier

Plate carriers bring a new level to your airsoft game by allowing customizable options for other gear as well as protection from getting hit. These plate carriers are lightweight and fit standard molle pouches making for 1000’s of combinations. Often times there are velcro swatches so you can sport your favorite patch right in front!

Airsoft Guns or Pistols

Elite Force CQC and tactical black and tan elite force 1911

We feature the Elite Force CQC and 1911 Tac in this email because we have found over 100’s of airsoft guns sold, these are the ones that outwork and out-play the rest of the competition. Of course you can buy the style that is fitting for you but Elite Force is a great place to start.

Batteries & Charger

valken airsoft battery and matching charger

If you are getting a new gun don’t forget to get batteries! These are commonly sold separate from airsoft guns and the store you buy your airsoft gun should also have the matching battery type to work well with your gun. A wall charger is also recommended for easy and safe charging at home or the field.

Airsoft BB’s

airsoft bbs in their most common weights

The projectile that causes so much fun! A bottle of BB’s is a great gift idea. BB’s are cheap per shot and come in biodegradable and non-biodegradable options. BB’s are rated by the weight of each BB. We recommend players start with .20g or .25g BB’s.

Tracer Units

noveske airsoft tracer unit in black blue red and gold
As 2

Tracer units are the hottest new airsoft accessory that you need to have on your gun. Combined with shooting tracer BB’s this upgraded part lights up the BB leaving the barrel allowing you to see it “trace” through the air towards its target. Turn your airsoft gun into a laser gun with the addition of this threaded attachment for a new spin on playing airsoft.

Gift Cards


Gift cards are the best way to send the experience of playing paintball or airsoft instead of purchasing gear. Load up a gift card for any amount or combination of play for an exciting gift every time. Gift cards come with a card holder to up the presentation on that special day.

Gloves & T-shirts

Black Full Finger Gloves

A paintball or airsoft experience can sometimes make some players a little nervous. Getting experience accessories like a pair of gloves, long sleeve shirt or a cheap chest protector build confidence and are a fantastic way to keep players on the field. We have many different styles of gloves and added padding like long sleeve shirts.

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