Reviewing the Best Paintball guns for Beginners

A common question around the paintball field is what is the best beginner paintball gun? After players feel the adrenaline rush of a paintball game, they are often interested in getting their own equipment to be able to play more frequently and for better performance. We have put together a list of the top 4 beginner paintball guns that we recommend for new paintball players.

Top 4 Beginner Paintball Guns

Tippmann Cronus


The Tippmann Cronus paintball marker is a great gun for someone just getting into paintball. This paintball gun comes from one of the most trusted brands in the game for durability and ease of use. The Cronus from Tippmann is a lightweight, easy to maintain paintball marker that will help you stop paying those rental fees and have a gun to call your own! You even get to choose between a standard version or an upgraded tactical version that includes a collapsible stock! You can’t go wrong with the Tippmann Cronus as it is durable, easy to play with, and one of the few guns that you can get for under $100!

Spyder Victor

Spyder Paintball-Gun

Spyder has always done a great job at making paintball guns for those who are newer to paintball and lighter guns for players that are young. For under $60 it’s a great option for someone who wants to get started with the look and feel of speedball or more competitive play. This paintball gun is made with the beginner in mind and allows entry level players the ability to play with something that is light, agile and easy to maintain.

Tippmann Alpha Black Elite


Love paintball and really want to get into the tactical side of the sport? The Alpha Black Elite from Tippmann is a great option that won’t break the bank! Its’ setup to have a realistic M16 look with the proper shroud, handrail, and stock! Tippmann worked in collaboration with the U.S. Army so they could be used for training, so you know you’re getting a durable paintball marker with the tactical feel of the real deal. This is perfect for the woods, or scenario paintball fields. The magazine also doubles as an on the field toolkit. Do you need something as functional as the real thing? Then the Tippmann Alpha Black Elite is the right pick for you!

Spyder Xtra


Another great entry level gun from Spyder, the Xtra is setup to give the feel of a tournament style paintball gun, without paying those high prices! The Xtra is a great gun to start playing paintball. The easy mechanics of this paintball marker allow entry level players to worry about having fun versus having to maintain their gear. This paintball gun is the one for you if you need your own setup.

All of these beginner paintball guns are available in store at American Paintball Coliseum facilities. Our staff is always happy to talk gear with you so if you have questions come on in. It is our mission to help get you all the right equipment that you need. Our stores are packed with variety so if you are looking for more advanced or other equipment, we have that too. Come visit the paintball store nearest you and our staff are ready with expert advice.


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