Red Dawn 11 Paintball Scenario Event

American paintball Coliseum has been hosting the annual Red Dawn event for the past 10 years.  We see hundreds of players come out every year for this action packed event. The Red Dawn event is based on the 1985 movie, Russians land in America and try and invade a small town. The day of play is based off of this premise with missions throughout the whole day. The missions involve many different props and special effects we’ll be having sound explosions fire explosions smoke grenades and many more special effects. We even have vehicles on the field posing as tanks!

This is going to be the most exciting and fun filled Red Dawn event that we have had so far we have expanded the playing field and expect more players than ever before. This will be one of the most exciting events of the year, don’t miss out!

American paintball Coliseum looks forward to seeing you out there! Call us to make reservations or for more information @ 303-298-8573

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