Top 3 Reasons to Host a Team Building Event


Team building events have become increasingly popular for companies of all sizes. In such a busy world why would you switch a work day for a day of play?

We offer these kinds of events and still, we team build outside of our facilities at least once a year.

These are the top 3 benefits we see businesses achieve from hosting a team builder event 👇

Teambuilding is important. Even for the teams that offer teambuilding events!

The smiles come out! 😊

During a regular day, teams may be tied to their departments or areas of responsibility. This limits the crossover and interaction on the job. At a company team building event, co-workers have the ability to express their personality to peers within your organization.

Playful interaction between work mates, who otherwise have little to do with each other builds and strengthens positive bonds. Team building can be used to to break past business barriers. Hosting a paintball or laser tag event builds a web of experience for everyone who participates to share.

Teammates use their experiences to relate to each other well into the future. Increases in moral and positive energy will be very clear. It is healthy to play!

Communication is KEY 🗝️

Team building is often focused around an interactive activity which is on purpose! The activity (such as paintball, laser tag or airsoft in our case) serves as a problem that only a team effort can complete. It forces players to rely on each other and to work in dynamic situations.

The activity is often unfamiliar so players need to think critically and communicate with each other to overcome the task at hand.

This translates to regular duties in a big way by increasing trust and reliability. In turn, you promote creative, critical thinkers and better communicators that will offer big gains through the year. All this in exchange for a couple hours of having fun with your team. Not bad, right?

Small Success breeds big success 📈

Simply winning a couple paintball games might not seem like much but the small wins are still important. These wins build confidence and bring new teammates into the “gel”. Team building events offer a positive common ground to base new relationships.

Investing in culture and the social fabric within your company is critical to growth and retention. Think to yourself, what would it cost me to replace a top-performer? If you miss out on the “life” part of work, you will leave business on the table or worse, you could lose the doers that get it done.

Think your team needs a team building event? We can help. 🧐

You don’t need to break the bank to offer a fun event to your team. If you are looking for a great teambuilding idea our indoor fields offer paintball, airsoft and laser tag. All of our activities are suitable for any sized team. You can also find more information about our teambuilding events here.

American Paintball Coliseum has worked with small businesses for over 20 years. We have hosted team building events with less than 10 people to teams of 100+ in Denver, Colorado Springs and Phoenix, Arizona.

If you are looking for more details and pricing on an event for your team, send us a quick message. You can expect a prompt response from our event specialist to talk details and pricing.

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