Looking for a great place to host your Denver corporate events ?

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APC can host your corporate party or team-building event and your staff will have an outstanding time that will be the buzz around the water cooler for days to come. Whether 5 or 50 (or more), your APC Paintball event will be far more than a good time.  And the staff at APC can help make it even better. There are few team-building activities as fun or as safe as organized paintball.  It’s safer than golf! Unlike softball or many other team events, where skill plays a larger part in the outcome, team paintball is a sport activity that relies heavily on tactics and team execution of those tactics. At APC your event can be as simple and fun as exchanging paintballs on our scenario style field, or involve advanced tactical coaching from our professional staff, including a company tournament event. Along with all the equipment, APC can also supply food, protective clothing, and a professional photographer to photograph the event including field action.  We can even preserve the laughs on video and provide a DVD of the event to each employee.  You won’t find a more exciting, cost-effective, teaming-building program for your staff than paintball at APC.

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