American Paintball Coliseum Airsoft Scenario Events 2017

Airsoft Scenario Events 2017 American Paintball Coliseum

Battle of Chernobyl 4 Event Details:

  • Friday Sept. 8th @ 6pm-11pm & Saturday Sept. 9th @ 9am-4pm
  • Located at APC outdoor fields
    • 13114 Cameron Dr. Brighton, CO 80603
  • Overnight camping from Friday night to Saturday morning

What is included with registration?

Registering for Battle of Chernobyl 4 is quick and easy. You are welcome to call us at (303) 298-8573 for registration or you may register online by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button below.

Registration includes:

  • Entrance pass for the entire event
  • Overnight camping space
  • Limited edition Battle of Chernobyl event patch
  • FREE Year long outdoor field pass until next Battle Of Chernobyl – A $240 Value

Registration Prices:

  • June: $55
  • July: $65
  • August: $75
  • September: $85

Airsoft BB Prices:

  • $22 for 5000 Biodegradable BB’s

By registering right now, you can capture your spot to this spectacular event. Combined, participating in Battle Of Chernobyl provides YOU with over $300 in value for a fraction of the cost. Register now and make history at Battle Of Chernobyl 4!


Need Rental Equipment?

Schedule your party/event now!

    WE provide discounts
    for large groups.

    APC Airsoft Scenario FAQ

    I want to play but don’t have gear. Can I rent equipment?

    We will be offering equipment rentals for players that need them at the event for a cost of $20. By registering now, you can reserve rental equipment for only $10! Our airsoft M4 rifles have the ability to switch between semi automatic and fully automatic. Rentals provide a great way to experience Battle Of Chernobyl by providing you with durable and reliable equipment.

    Our airsoft rental equipment includes:

    • ICS or G&G Airsoft M4 Rifle
    • Safety face mask
    • Airsoft M4 High Capacity Magazine (400+ rounds)
    • NiMH Airsoft Battery

    Denver reservation

    I am bringing my own gear. Are there any restrictions?

    You are more than welcome to bring your own gear to play with during Battle Of Chernobyl 3 however, in order to keep everyone safe, we ask that these guidelines and safety rules are followed:

    • Guns must shoot under 400 FPS with a .20g BB
    • Eyes must be protected with approved full seal goggles
    • Ears must be protected by at clothing or hard plastic
    • Jaw must be covered with metal mesh or hard plastic. Shemaghs are not allowed as adequate jaw protection
    • Barrel bags are required on the end of guns that are not airsoft pistols and can be purchased at the event for $6

    Direction to fields



    Story Line of Battle Of Chernobyl 4

    After the first catastrophic nuclear meltdown the world has ever seen, Chernobyl has become a city of ghosts. Only now, decades after the catastrophe, people are returning to inspect the damage. Entering into the land of Chernobyl is something out of a horror tale. There have been rumors of abnormal beings lurking in the shadows. In order to restore Chernobyl to a place that that is full of life, it is up to you to prevent the reactors from continuing to decay. Do you have what it takes to save the future of the human race, or will you join the population of radioactive ghouls that lurk throughout Chernobyl?

    This is going to be one of the greatest airsoft scenarios of the year! Don’t miss out, call to reserve your spot today @ 303-298-8573!



    Kathy Rial

    I am old, haha, 54 yrs, but had an absolute blast playing laser tag with my 30 something year old son and 10 year old granddaughter. Will go again when I go back to Denver to visit. Employees were extremely helpful and let me use the discount even though I did not make my reservation online. Love, love, loved this place!


    Jamie Chong

    Awesome and fun live action haunted house. I was definitely scared and it’s been one of the best I’ve been to! Can’t wait to try out paintballing there!


    Ivonne Marquez

    It was really fun but definitely hurts to get shot with paintballs. I’d recommend wearing thick gloves and clothing!! Paintballs will bruise you! There are two arenas, one with metal sculptures for hiding, and another with big air filled blowup objects. They have masks and guns to provide if you do not have any. They have a food hut and a mini shop.


    Amy Coleman

    Amazing time with students on a field trip. Highly recommend this place, guys behind the counter and working were fabulous. Only down side is there is no ice, so if you are with kids that might get injured, bring a ice pack, or a cooler full!

    Marcus Isakson

    Marcus Isakson

    The guys here are a class act. Always excited to see old and new players. 1st time at the indoor field and seems they are working on the inside but you don’t need much other then air, paint, and gun. An experience for the whole family and other players will help if it’s your first time. You will be nervous but once the adrenaline kicks in you won’t remember going to the movies or want to on a boring Sunday. Instead you will be here kicking butt and taking names!!!


    Kim Mendez

    Wonderful visit our helper Kaley was awesome!!! She made the experience even better.

    Molly Happs

    So I highly recommend this place! My son and I went to play paintball for our first time. Unfortunately, my son was a couple years too young (you need to be 10 years old). He was pretty upset and so we decided to play laser tag instead. The gentleman that worked there went out of his way to make sure my son had a great time since he wasn’t able to play paintball. We had a blast. Way above and beyond good customer service!

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