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How To Prevent Injuries While Axe Throwing

Posted on: February 23rd, 2023 by Buhv Designs

Axe throwing is an exciting sport that’s been around for a long time. At American Paintball Coliseum, we’re committed to providing participants with a safe area to try their hand at throwing axes. Our pros are here to help you every step of the way. It’s a safe sport, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that your experience is injury-free.

Dress Appropriately 🎽

Axe throwing is a physical activity, and it’s important to dress the part. Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows your arms and legs to move freely. That way, you can put everything you’ve got into each swing. Wear close-toed shoes to protect your feet from axes that may bounce back. The blades are sharp! You don’t want to expose your toes to flying objects. We recommend sneakers or athletic shoes.

Stretch Out 💪

Axe throwing works a lot of different muscle groups to be able to propel the axe into the target. Because of this, it’s important to stretch out before you throw, and again when your session is over. Throwing an axe properly the activity engages your core, lats, shoulders, arms — and your calves. To avoid injury, take a few minutes to stretch out before you begin. Not only will you avoid injury, but your stretches may intimidate your opponents and give you the upper hand!

When you’re finished, stretch once more, to prevent soreness later. And if you feel pain in your shoulders or elbows, it’s best to stop throwing. That way, you’ll avoid unnecessary injuries.

Know Your Limits 🏋️

Axe throwing is an inclusive sport that’s great for people at all skill levels, but it’s important to know your limits. When you’re throwing an axe, you’ll typically be standing 12 to 15 feet away from the target. We don’t recommend that you throw it as hard as you can. Most guests aren’t professional axe throwers, and they haven’t perfected their accuracy. As with most things, finesse trumps force. It’s also much safer to aim for the target than to throw with all the strength you’ve got. You’ll impress your friends far more with a bullseye over a hard throw.

Follow the Rules 📋

When you arrive, your group receives an orientation with instructions on how to play. We’ll discuss the rules of the range which are also posted in your axe throwing lane. Our staff works hard to ensure that every guest is completely safe, so everyone can have a good time. That means we’re trusting you to follow the rules. If a participant isn’t adhering to our safety rules, we’ll, unfortunately, have to ask them to leave.

Pay Attention 🧐

Axe throwing — although it’s very safe — has the potential to cause injury. Participants can get hurt when they’re not paying attention or following the rules. When axes are flying through the air, it’s important for everyone in your party to focus on the game at hand. (For example, you wouldn’t want to wander into the lane when it’s someone else’s turn to throw.) We have numerous safety protocols and pros monitoring gameplay to ensure that you’re safe, but it makes our job a lot easier if everyone’s paying attention to the game at hand.

Axe throwing is a fun and exciting sport to play, no matter your skill level. At American Paintball Coliseum, we’re committed to providing a safe environment so everyone can have a good time. By taking a few precautions, you can rest assured that your risk of injury is slim to none.

If you’re ready to play, contact us to schedule your next axe throwing session!

How Team Building Strengthens Organizations (And How Axe Throwing Can Help!)

Posted on: February 23rd, 2023 by Buhv Designs

Investing in team building activities can improve your business or organization in a number of ways. Best of all, team building activities can be a lot of fun! At American Paintball Coliseum, we’re all about having a good time. Let’s look at some of the ways team building events can strengthen your organization.

Strengthen Collaboration Skills 💪

Team building activities typically encourage a group of people to work together toward a common goal. Collaboration is like a muscle, and with practice, you can strengthen your group’s ability to communicate and solve problems together. This leads to a more positive work environment where everyone feels heard, and where individuals can give and receive the help they need to solve work-related problems.

Improve Employee Morale 😃

An organization that invests in team building activities communicates that it cares about the quality of the work environment. This allows members to feel valued, promotes positive relationships, and provides a sense of unity. Investing in employee morale is also one of the best ways to attract qualified team members and to maintain the ones you’ve already got.

Offer a Way to Practice Better Communication 💬

Solid communication is the secret to success and it’s becoming more crucial as remote work gains popularity. Without strong communication across the board, the workflow can be negatively affected, tanking productivity. Team building activities like axe throwing encourage employees to build relationships in a fun environment, and this transfers seamlessly to the workplace. That way, it’s easier to share ideas, solve problems, and communicate effectively.

Encourage Creativity 🖊️

Sometimes a work environment can become so monotonous that creativity becomes obsolete. In order to thrive as a business or organization, it’s important to encourage team members to look at problems from different angles and offer solutions that may not seem obvious to everyone else. Team building can shake things up, and silly tasks allow your employees to take risks by suggesting out-of-the-box ideas. It also promotes the valuable process of bouncing ideas off of one another to determine the best way to solve a problem.

Connect Remote Workers 💻

If your company has employees who work remotely, it can be difficult for everyone to feel connected. A team building event offers the perfect opportunity for employees to gather in a neutral space, while working together toward a common goal. It’s a great way to build relationships, establish unity, and make remote employees feel like they’re part of the team, especially when it’s so easy to feel isolated while working from home.

Increase Productivity ⏫

Because team building activities encourage participants to communicate and work together to solve problems, it naturally increases productivity in the workplace. Employees can connect easily in an informal environment when the pressure’s off, making it easier to discuss ideas and work together on projects when they’re back at the office on Monday.

Why Axe Throwing Helps With Team Building 🪓

If you’ve been tasked with planning the next team building event, consider opting for an evening of axe throwing or paintball. Gone are the days of uncomfortable icebreakers and corny games.. Axe throwing offers an unexpected twist to your average team building event, and it encourages crews to work together in a way they have not interacted before.

At American Paintball Coliseum, we host team building events for a number of organizations throughout the community. It’s our mission to provide a safe, light-hearted space for your employees to build lasting relationships and gel as a team. Contact us to schedule your next team building event.

Consider Axe Throwing For Your Next Big Event

Posted on: January 9th, 2023 by Buhv Designs

Are you tired of going to office outings and birthday parties out of obligation? Do you dread potlucks, mixers, and dinner parties? Instead, consider axe throwing for your next event! It’s  fun, active, and makes amazing memories. Bring people together over a little friendly competition. Let’s look at some of the best ways to celebrate in style with axe throwing. 

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties 👰‍♀️

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are notorious for getting soon-to-be’s in trouble right before they say “I do.” If you’re looking to have clean fun with your friends, take them axe throwing instead. Get the guys or girls together to throw  axes before the big day. Take advantage of unique photo opportunities with your friends while you play.. For an even better time, throw a combined party and make it an epic battle of the genders. Axe Throwing is a great way to include members of your wedding party who are under 21, since most bachelorette and bachelor parties revolve around alcohol.

Company Outings 🏞️

You see your coworkers five days a week. The last thing anybody wants is another company potluck party with dreary decor and uncomfortable conversation. As an alternative, organize an axe throwing night and see your coworkers in a new light. When the atmosphere is lively people come out of their shells and allow themselves to have a good time. Best of all, you can focus on the game at hand instead of making small talk. Your coworkers will be talking about the company axe throwing night for months to come.

Birthday Parties 🎂

As kids become tweens and teens, birthday parties become more difficult to plan. What do you do for them? Pizza parties and bounce houses don’t fit the bill anymore.  A creative way to think outside the box is to go axe throwing! What’s cooler than inviting your friends out to throw  axes as you celebrate your birthday? Adult birthday parties are often overlooked, as well, but that’s just not fair. No matter if you’re 14 or 99, axe throwing can be the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. 

Team Building Events 👏

Team building activities are an important part of creating a cohesive group, but they’re not always regarded as a good time. Most people dread ice breakers that leave them feeling uncomfortable. Instead, consider an activity that’s fun while allowing everyone to maintain self-respect. If you’re in charge of scheduling team building events, you know how hard it is to find budget-friendly fun for the whole team that is exciting. Axe throwing is the perfect way to bring people together with a little friendly competition. Venues often have unique games to play to help build strong team bonds.

Unique Sales Opportunities 📈

You can take a potential client out for a nice dinner to discuss business but that’s boring. Having a variety of activities in mind is much more interestingand axe throwing should be  in your repertoire.  It’s a great way to keep it casual and still be able to discuss important topics. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make your biggest business deal while throwing axes!

We’re here to make each event memorable and fun for any event you have coming up. When you’re looking for your next event, consider making it an axe throwing party contact us at American Paintball Coliseum.

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Exercises That Will Improve Your Axe Throwing Skills

Posted on: January 9th, 2023 by Buhv Designs

So, you’ve caught the bug, and now you want to improve your axe throwing skills. It’s true that practice makes perfect to consistently hit the target, but exercise is equally important. Let’s look at what workouts are best to enhance your axe throwing performance so you can impress your friends the next time you visit American Paintball Coliseum.

What Muscle Groups Are Used?

It takes upper body and core strength to hurl an axe across the room with control to nail the target. Every time you throw an axe, you engage the following muscles and muscle groups:

  • Core 
  • Lats 
  • Shoulders 
  • Arms

In order to get better — and more precise — you’ll need to strengthen and tone these muscles. Luckily, there are a number of exercises that can be done with little or no equipment in order to build muscle in your core, lats, shoulders, and arms.

What Exercises Make Them Stronger? 🪓

Whether you’ve got a gym membership, a set of dumbbells, or nothing at all, you can easily make significant gains. With the right technique, bodyweight exercises can be just as effective at building muscles and overall strength. Here are some exercises to try if you’d like to improve your axe throwing skills. We’ve included exercises to do at home and at the gym.

Engage Your Core 🎯

Your core muscles include your abdominal muscles, back muscles, and muscles around your pelvis. These muscles help with balance, posture, and stability. In fact, you use your core to do a number of physical activities every day, and a strong core will help you to throw the axe more accurately, and with more force. You can strengthen your core by doing exercises like planks, crunches, Russian twists, hollow body holds, and dead bugs.

Work Those Lats 🏋️

Your lats, or latissimus dorsi muscles, are large, triangular-shaped muscles that are on each side of your upper spine. Strong lats will give you extra power and stability in order to throw the axe with more precision toward the target. You can strengthen your lats by doing exercises like deadlifts, dumbbell rows, and pulldowns on the lat machine.

Strengthen Your Shoulders 🤸‍♂️

Your shoulder joints can rotate in a wide range of motion, and it’s important to have strong muscles that support these joints. Without strong shoulder muscles, you can be at risk of injury when throwing axes or participating in other physical activities that require shoulder movement. When you throw an axe, your shoulders are responsible for bringing the axe behind your head, and then swiftly moving your arms forward and down. In order to strengthen your shoulder muscles and maintain stability, you can try doing shoulder presses with dumbbells or a barbell, lateral raises, reverse flyes, planks with shoulder taps, and handstands.

Bulk Up Those Arms 💪

Your arms do most of the work when you throw an axe, and they’re responsible for sending it in the right direction. Strong arms will help you to have more control and power as you throw the axe toward the bullseye. When you work your arms, focus on your biceps and triceps. Some great exercises include bicep curls with dumbbells or a barbell, tricep dips on a machine or by using body weight, push ups, kettlebell swings, and planks. 

Visit American Paintball Coliseum 

Axe throwing can be a fun social outing, but it can also help to improve your fitness level and overall health. Practicing your throws and exercising regularly will increase your performance and axe throwing skills. Whether you’re working toward a personal goal or trying to impress your friends, we’re here to see you succeed. Visit us at American Paintball Coliseum today.

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The Ultimate List of Axe Throwing Games and How to Play Them

Posted on: December 22nd, 2022 by Buhv Designs

Axe throwing is a lot of fun, and it’s even better when you add a little friendly competition to the mix. Check out the following axe throwing games that are sure to make your visit to American Paintball Coliseum a fun and memorable experience.

Cricket 🏏

Number of Players: 2+ 

Objective: Hit each area of the target three times. The first to do so wins!

When playing Cricket, players usually need to hit the “0,” “1,” “3,” and “bullseye” spot. Each time you successfully hit an area, you can place a mark next to that area on the scoreboard. Once you’ve hit an area three times, you can cross it off. The winner is the player or team that crosses off all three areas first.

Zombies vs Humans 🧟‍♂️

Number of Players: 2+

Objective: Add players to your team by converting them into zombies or humans

This game has several variations, but the overall goal is the same. Players are divided up into teams of humans and zombies (in some variations, there is only one zombie at the beginning). Humans score positive points, while zombie throws deduct that number of points from the score. Each round, two players go head-to-head. When the number of points together results in a negative number, the zombie team can convert one human into a zombie. If humans come out ahead, they can “cure” a zombie. The game continues until humans save the world, or it’s overrun by zombies. 

Around the World 🌎

Number of Players: 2+

Objective: Hit every area of the board in order — starting from the outside to the inside, and then returning to the outside again.

Take turns throwing the axe. Start by aiming for the “0.” Once you’ve successfully hit it, aim for the “1,” “3,” “5,” “3,” “1,” and the “0” again. If you miss, wait until your next turn and continue where you left off. The first to hit the final “0” wins!

21 🎯

Number of Players: 2+

Objective: Reach 21 points before your opponent 

In order to win this game, you take turns throwing the axe at the target. Continue to tally your points until you reach 21 — but there’s a twist. In order to win, you must get exactly 21 points. That means, if your final throw gives you higher than 21 points, you’ll have to wait until your next turn to try again.

Blackjack ♠️

Number of players: 2+

Objective: Get the closest number of points to 21 without busting

Each team has 10 throws to reach 21 points. The most challenging part of the game is that if you go over 21 points, your team busts, and you’re out. This game also requires your axe to land completely in one scoring zone. If the blade is partially in two zones, you receive a zero. Even worse, if you drop your axe, you automatically lose four points.

Landmines 💣

Number of Players: 2+

Objective: Reach 50 points before your opponent

When playing landmines, players take turns throwing the axe at the board. Continue to tally your points, but beware of the landmines that pepper the board. Before the game begins, choose which numbers will be the landmines (teams usually pick multiples of 10, like 15, 25, 35, and 45). Then, every ten points, these landmines become “active,” and if you hit one, your team automatically loses 10 points. For example, if your team has 14 points, and you hit a 1, that means you receive 15 points, which is a landmine. This causes you to lose 10 points instantly, leaving you with a score of 5.

Cornhole 🌽

Number of Players: 2+

Objective: Reach 21 points first

Players take turns throwing the axe, one round at a time. In the first round, one player from Team A and one player from Team B each throws the axe. The lower score is subtracted from the higher score. The higher-scoring team is awarded the difference. The game continues until one team reaches 21 points. 

Horse 🐴

Number of Players: 2+

Objective: Make your opponent spell “Horse” first

Much like the driveway basketball game, this version calls for teams to go head-to-head. The first player from each team throws the axe. The player with the lower score receives an “H.” The game continues until one team spells “Horse,” and is ultimately defeated. Mix things up by spelling different words or adding new rules to complicate things for each team.
There are countless variations to each game, and part of the fun is making it your own. We’re all about creativity here, so bring your friends and family out to American Paintball Coliseum to play your own version of one of these ultimate axe throwing games. 

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6 Axe Throwing Questions We Get Most Often

Posted on: December 22nd, 2022 by Buhv Designs

Axe throwing is a lot of fun, and we want you to feel fully prepared when you stop by. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked at American Paintball Coliseum. 

1. How do you throw an axe?

Good question! There are several ways to throw an axe, and you can choose to use one hand or two. No matter how many hands you use, there are a few basic tips we recommend:

  • Stand with your non-dominant foot facing the target, right behind the throwing line.
  • Grip the axe properly. Hold the axe like you would hold a hammer — and if you’re using two hands, wrap your non-dominant hand underneath your dominant hand for support. You should be gripping the axe at the base of the handle.
  • Stand straight and throw the axe so your arm ends up pointing directly at the bullseye when you release the axe.
  • Throw the axe in one fluid motion by bringing it over your head, swinging it forward, and releasing when your hands point at the bullseye.

2. Do axes come in different sizes?

Throwing axes come in several sizes. Regulation-sized axe handles must be between 13 and 17 inches in length and the head of the axe must weigh between 1.25 and 1.75 pounds. We have axes for you to use, and if you want to bring your own, we’re cool with that, too. We just need to inspect it first.

3. What should I wear to go axe throwing?

We know you look great in your fancy clothes, but this isn’t the time to show off your stiletto shoes and ultra skinny jeans. When you come to our facility, it’s best to wear closed-toed shoes and loose-fitting clothing. Axe throwing is a physical sport that requires participants to be able to move freely, so wear something comfortable when you visit so you’re safe and ready to dominate the competition.

4. What types of axe throwing games can you play?

There are all kinds of axe throwing games that can add some friendly competition to your game play. Some popular games include:

  • Cricket
  • Zombie vs Humans
  • Around the World
  • 21
  • Blackjack
  • Landmines
  • Cornhole
  • Horse

Our axe experts can teach you how to play, or you can spend your time casually throwing axes and sharpening your skills. You can see the rules on how to play these games with our [Ultimate Guide to Axe Throwing Games]

5. What are the basic rules for axe throwing?

Axe throwing can be a “choose your own adventure” activity for your party, as long as you follow a few basic rules. When you arrive, one of our experts will provide a brief orientation that covers how to properly throw an axe, along with a few safety rules. Once you’ve got the basics, we can teach you one of our favorite axe throwing games or you can spend your time throwing casually with your friends and family. The hour is yours — and our goal is to ensure that you have a safe, memorable, and fun experience.

6. What safety info should I know before I go?

When you’re throwing axes, safety is key. We’re the axe experts, and your safety is our priority.. That’s why we provide an orientation at the beginning of each session, so every party member knows how to throw an axe properly, and how to do it safely, too. We’ll cover how many players can be in the throwing area at a time, and we’ll be standing by to ensure that everyone’s safe the entire time you’re here.

If you’re ready for a party at American Paintball Coliseum, contact us today. We’d love to throw some axes with you!

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